Dates with Charlie: I got to see KYLIE!

Oh yes, I know you're all seething with jealousy... I know I would be. Oh wait, I WAS THERE.

It's not every day you get a phone call saying someone has got their hands on last minute tickets to Kylie for that night. I got so excited I did a little squeal at the office and had to remember I was at work and people probably didn't appreciate it.

Not only did I get a ticket, I got a VIP ticket. I've been to the O2 many times for gigs and I'm always either squished right at the barrier or right in the heavens looking down and convinced I'm going to fall. This time we got a booth! There were only four rows of seats in our booth so we could always see, the seats were so much more comfortable than usual and there was a bar directly behind us just for us. A barman could even take orders at our seats which makes a nice change to having to force your way through a crowd just to get to the bar and by the time you get back you've missed three songs!

The view from our box, look at that crowd!
This show was the first pop gig I had been to since Take That reformed in 2006 and before that I went to Steps when I was very very tiny (7?) so I had no idea what to expect. It was pretty much as spectacular as you'd expect and slightly erotic in parts. Kylie clearly knows how to play for her demographic!

Throughout the show there was a massive screen behind the stage that was pretty much Kylie's face and body parts throughout and occasional shots of dancers with sexual paraphernalia around their necks. The dancers flitted between wearing latex body suits (slightly gimpy) or next to nothing!

Then there was Kylie herself, at the start of the show she appeared through the floor on a giant set of red lips, performed dance routines and went through an impressive eight costume changes throughout the two hours she performed to her screaming fans. She was absolutely perfect and I now wish I was her and Charlie has decided if she could be anything in life she would definitely be a gay icon.


The only down side for me was that the performance was pretty much a light show and I'm epileptic. I'm proud of the fact that I've been able to survive many Nine Inch Nails gigs since my diagnosis just over two years ago (I think...) but this made Nine Inch Nails light shows look tame and they are already pretty mental. As a preventive measure against any brain farts Charlie gave me her Miu Miu sunglasses to wear for the rest of the show. I was that idiot wearing sunglasses indoors but it was worth it a I got through the show seizure free. I did have a massive headache for the whole of the next day though...

Preventing seizures in some amazing glasses!
Seeing Kylie in concert is definitely a massive tick off my list and cosidering VIP tickets were only £56 through yplan I'll be keeping an eye out for Beyonce tickets next time especially since I have spent around the same price for standing tickets before!

Did you get to see Kylie too? What's your next concert?
(all photos are courtesy of Charlie)

Geeking out in Primark

I completely lost it when my friend sent me a Snapchat of the coolest collection of pyjamas I have ever seen. My automatic reaction was to get my arse over to the Tottenham Court Road branch (Marble Arch is hell on Earth) and spend ALL the money. Slight exaggeration but may as well be true.

One of my favourite things in the whole world is Harry Potter. I'm completely obsessed and am working hard to get my boyfriend into the same boat - it's not really happening right now...

Obviously, I only went in with the intention of buying a single pair of pyjamas but when I saw all the geeky things. It really didn't happen.Their current range includes but is not limited to Harry Potter t-shirts and jumpers (BY HOUSE!!!), Game of Thrones t-shirts and even Hunger Games stuff. I was seriously in my element.

Annoyingly, being the tiny person I am and knowing there are seemingly endless Harry Potter fans out there, they didn't have my size in the pyjama top in stock no matter how much I hunted with the last remaining size 6 trousers clutched tightly to my chest.

Luckily, I remembered seeing Hogwarts t-shirts on the ground floor so I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. Success!

Totally ended up watching Harry Potter in my Harry Potter pyjamas...
 It didn't stop there though, I insisted on going back upstairs just to have 'another look' and all of a sudden these bad boys jumped into my basket... I mean, who could resist minion pyjamas?? Obviously, these are not the exact matching pair but I decided to mix and match because I couldn't choose between the two!

I ended up forcing myself away because it was just getting silly when I also ended up picking up Bugs Bunny slippers but that didn't stop me from going back a couple of days later and coming home with this because they actually had it in my size. I insist on wearing it to the office all the time. It's totally office wear.

Well done Primark, you have made me one very happy geek.

Off to the Theatre: Seeing Les Mis at Last!

I have been wanting to see Les Mis for so long but because of various reasons (including falling out with my music teacher at school) I haven't been able to go. Until last week the closest I've been to appreciating its joy is the soundtrack, playing the music in orchestras and, of course, the movie.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. I'm not one to do anniversaries or anything, I'm pretty laid back about the whole thing, but he really does so on Wednesday morning I got woken up and told that I had a ticket to see it that evening. It was all very exciting.

We started off our celebrations at Wahaca. It's not the fanciest place in the world but I love all the food and their passionfruit margarita is to die for!

Excited face #1

All day I couldn't stop thinking or talking about it and when we arrived my excitment exploded ten fold. As I'm sure you understand.

It turns out Gary hadn't just got me tickets to see Les Mis, he'd got me tickets in the second row! We treated ourself to the typically expensive beers and took our seats, just waiting for that curtain to rise.

Excited face #2

Isn't this theatre absolutely beautiful?

When the curtain opened I could barely contain my excitement, I know all the words (obviously) and what quietly singing along, hopefully I didn't bother the person sitting next to me too much! The cast was absolutely incredible. Javert is my favourite character because he is such a badass and 'Stars' is possibly by favourite song in the whole thing. Michael Gant who was Javert that night played the role spectacularly.

As some of you may guess if you've only seen the film, Les Mis is emotionally draining. I can't remember what point I started crying but after 'A Little Fall of Rain' I lost all ability to be emotionally stable and had my face buried into Gary's shoulder for a while sobbing like someone with an actual broken heart. I was even listening to it in the shower this morning and had a mini breakdown!

I cried so much, just look at the state of my face... yuck

I was so exhausted after all the crying I ended up having a little nap on the tube home. A little bit tragic.

Once home, Gary was lovely (as always) and decided the best way to make me feel better was with a cup of Assam tea in my new 'One Day More' mug that's about the size of my face and I couldn't have been happier.

Thank you Gary.

What's your favourite West End show?

That's an offal lot of food - cooking with Jenius Social

Excuse the TERRIBLE pun... it's was too good an opportunity to miss :-p Yup, I suck...

ANYWAY, thanks to my wonderful friend Charlie, I was invited to attend another blogger cooking class with Jenius Social. They have so many classes and events available, I'm pretty sure it won't be my last visit.

I got really excited by all the random food I had never heard of
I think this apron might be too big for me...
As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm quite picky with food, especially meat on the bone, so cooking with offal is never something I would have considered but if I had turned down this opportunity, I'm sure I would have regretted it. Plus, it's not very often you can say 'yeah, I did that thing'.

I had no idea what all this stuff was...
ALL the spices!

When we arrived, we found out that there was more than one class happening that evening, being asked if you were here for the cheese tasting made me really jealous because I obviously wanted to do that and eat all the cheese. However, I did know that our class was going to be more fun so was quickly presented with one of those never ending glasses of wine and an apron that made me look even smaller than I already am!

Our lovely chef and teacher
When we were in the kitchen, everything had been all set out for us and we had some time to take a gander and try to work out what everything was! Only the pigs ears were the most obvious to me!

After initially being grossed out by all the things, it was time for a demonstration on how it should all be cooked. Obviously, ours were not going to turn out the same way!

Making tortillas! 
Now this looks yummy
I'll give you three guesses what these are - not chicken breasts!
Cooking the above

There was always no way our would look this good

The difference between the class with Jenius Social compared to the other one was that there was a much smaller group of us, and even though there was only one chef rather than 3, it felt a lot more intimate and he made sure to come around and help everyone out, even if you were asking the simplest of things.

We also got to actually cook! Last time, we were mainly doing the prep and even though it was really helpful to learn how to skin and bone fish, I much prefer the actual cooking part, seeing the end result and knowing you did that.

It was finally time to get stuck into it, and I once again had to deal with that thing where I can't handle meat on the bone... shredding Trotters was my first job...

Can't believe I'm actually smiling here!

Some of the other girls had a lot more fun with their pigs ears and tongues!

However, Charlie and I had so much fun slicing and preparing TESTICLES! That's right, testicles. It was like something from I'm a celebrity and there was always a moment where fellow bloggers were squeezing between us to take photos, some of which were sent to boyfriends out of sheer hilarity...

Judging by the pictures above, I don't think we did a bad job!

Standing on a chair is the perfect vantage point!

The testicles look like chicken nuggets!

When it was finally time to eat I made sure I gave everything a go and ended up eating oxtail, tongue, trotters and ears! Something I never thought I would do. Some of it was surprisingly delicious but I don't think I'll be cooking any of it at home...

There are so many different classes available, I already have my eye on the bread making class as it's something I have always wanted to master, if you want to take a look for yourself, all their classes and events are listed here.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this class free of charge, prices for all other classes vary.

All the essentials - What every girl needs to get through life

This isn't going to be one of those posts where I sit here and tell you what you MUST buy,  I just happen to think there are a couple of things that are essentials in every beauty routine. I may be completely wrong.

Everyone has a signature look but there are a couple of things out there that will automatically make a girl explode with joy. Even if you don't use them every day, you know they're there and you can have a look for any occasion without worry.

For me, the ultimate essentials are:

The perfect red lipstick

This is actually surprisingly hard to find! Obviously everyone has different skin tones and with me some shades can end up making me look like Morticia Addams. It may be perfect for Hallowe'en but certainly not for a job interview.

Got to love a little pout

After trying what felt like all the lipsticks in the world I have finally found THE lipstick that I can't live without. It's not a fancy brand and it's really not expensive. 

Topshop have released this beautiful shade for their Red Lippy Project where you can raise awareness for cervical cancer in style. It's a fantastic concept and 30% of their proceeds go towards the project. Better yet, it's only £8 and is long lasting so fewer stains on my coffee cups throughout the day. If you want to give it a go and pout for a good cause, you can get it here.

Moisturise girls!

I'm going to be honest, I'm still pretty rubbish at this as I always forget at night but it's reach that point in life where soon there will be no escaping the ageing process. But I can damn well try.

Moisturising for me isn't just about keeping my skin silky soft or fighting back the inevitable lines that I have convinced my elf are starting to appear. Moisturising just makes you feel amazing as well, even when I have been horrendously hung over and hating the world, I just slap on my moisturiser and I automatically feel fresh faced and ready to deal with humanity.

Everyone will have different tastes, a girl I know uses cocoa butter because it gives her the ideal base for her makeup no matter what the weather, but if you're like me and have horridly dry skin/Eczema/Psoriasis I use the Eucerin Even Brighter Day and Night creams. I'm a lucky sod and got mine as a gift a few months ago and normally £22.50 would be a little steep for me but now I know how good it is, I'll never use anything else.

A signature scent

Everyone loves smelling good and have you noticed how certain smells can make you remember the strangest things? It might sound a little strange but I like the idea of if people smell my perfume, they automatically remember me. I do it all the time, like one of my closest friends uses a Ginger perfume and whenever I smell it in Lush I remember about that thing I need to get back to her about or organise drinks soon. You know, that kind of thing.

After trying many and have loads littering my beauty cabinet, my all time favourite is Marc Jacobs 'Lola', not only does it smell absolutely amazing but even looking a this exciting bottle makes me happy. I'm reaching the end though so soon I'll have to make an emergency trip to boots!

A bloody good mascara

Sometimes the cheap ones just don't cut it unless you get lucky. I've found that they're either icky and clumpy or end up streaming down your face the moment you get a sweat on and neither are pleasant. With mascara, there's no point in spending so much time on your face if you ignore the lashes, your look won't have quite the same impact. Even if you just haven't had time to do your whole makeup routine, just applying a bit of mascara can make a world of difference and make you look like you've put all the effort in.

Excuse the glitter!!!

After some discussions with friends and in the office, we have all reached a mutual agreement that Benefit's 'They're Real' is the best mascara in the whole world. Worth the splurge, doesn't run and gives your lashes a long fan-like appearance. Love it.

Always have a back up hairspray

This is one of the many things my mum taught me that I will never forget. Even if you don't use it a lot, you'll never know when you're going to need it. I normally keep one in my desk at work for one of those unplanned trips to the pub when you need a bit more oomph. 

A pocket mirror

This one is completely common sense really but we've all had those moments where we've woken up late, done our makeup in a rush and feel a right mess when we realise we have a big foundation streak along our jaw line. Buy cheap old 99p thing from Superdrug or even a cornershop, throw it in the depths of your handbag and know you'll always have one for emergencies.

What do you think are the ultimate essentials in a beauty routine?

For the love of books - exciting trip to Foyles

In case you haven't realised, I'm an absolute book fiend, I have probably spent more money on books over the years than I have on shoes and that's really saying something!

Last month my good friend Charlie and I parted ways after two years of living together. It turns out it was time to grow up and live with boys! Considering we're no longer going to see each other every day (which still feels strange), we're going to spend more time meeting up and doing random things.

Our first 'Friend Date' involved coffee and book browsing in the new Foyles flagship store and it was fantastic. It's absolutely bloody massive. Complete heaven. It has every book you could possibly imagine, we even found the Harry Potter books in Latin! I was completely kicking myself when my phone died and I couldn't take a photo.

Foyles from the first floor
Obviously, spending a couple of hours in a book shop is just a disaster waiting to happen because I have absolutely no self control. As can be seen by the state of our basket when we were only half way around the shop.

Probably picked up too many books...
One of the first sections was the (what seemed like a) never ending food section. We both absolutely adore cooking and the idea of having more recipes to hand fills with me with joy, I always like to try something new. My boyfriend has already been introduced to some of my new favourites after my book trip.

One of my favourite sections in any book shop is the sci-fi and fantasy section, it's full of some of my favourite authors and any book you'll get from there will just whisk you away to a whole new world and adventures you'll never want to leave. Well, they do for me anyway!

Absolutely loving this sign. 
While walking around my favourite section, I had to convince myself out of buying new copies of books I have already read, and authors I already new I enjoyed and ended buying a random book off a random shelf just because I liked the cover (bad book lover).

Realising we had gone a little bit over board, the time had come to sit in a corner and work out what we were going to get as the basket was far too heavy. Charlie and I both love people reading to us and the best way to choose between all the books we had picked up along the way was to have one of us read blurbs aloud with the other deciding which sounded the most interesting. We ended up cutting down our haul by half and I spent a lot less than I expected.

Charlie having to choose... difficult.
All in all, the Foyles flagship store may be my new favourite place in the world and I will be going back on my birthday! *counts down the days*

What was the last book you bought?