So, you'll probably see me mention the phrase 'Bangarang' quite a bit. No it's not a song by Skrillex (whoever that is), it's so much cooler. I think.

Bangarang are the best kind of people you could meet. We're all bloggers and we all met at a variety of events. We bonded over our mutual love for the film Hook and we have been inseparable ever since. Several thousand whatsapp messages and brunches later.


Charlie is my oldest friend and dates back before Bangarang. She's a Travel and lifestyle blogger based in North London.

FUN FACT: She did an internship at the Oxford English Dictionary and did all the research to get 'Chillax' in the dictionary.

Being Erica

hiieeey! I'm Erica. />

Erica is one of the Brightest people I know. She's normally always wearing something pink and is most definitely a fashion inspiration

FUN FACT: Dame Edna was her landlady...

Little Miss Katy

About Me

I don't understand how it's possible for someone to be so Twinkly. Katy also seems to make Mondays happy without fail and I don't know how.

FUN FACT: She was saluted at by Bill Nighy... yeah, I'm jealous too.

Bloody Hell Brennan


FUN FACT: Once won a Bliss competition to Dublin to go Go-Karting with Boyzone. All of that is oh so very 90s.

Broke in the Big Smoke

My fellow nerd and London Guru. My go to for all things finance and budget. (and geeking out, obvs)

FUN FACT: She's never broken a bone

Jasmin Charlotte

If Instagram envy is your thing... just go and look at hers. It'll make you weep.

FUN FACT: Studied genetics at university and wanted to be a cloning scientist. That's pretty cool


Truck Festival I Heart Wines

Brilliant blogger and pretty much stuck in the early 2000s pop punk era.

FUN FACT: Once did a sponsored silence and didn't speak for 7 days.

Captain Charley

Cinque Terre

Another Charley to make things confusing. Very retro in style, very ahead of me in the music game

FUN FACT: She has double jointed elbows...

Emma Inks

Holiday Packing Style

 Alternative fashion and beauty, Emma just seems to pull everything off and goes on the most amazing adventures ALL THE TIME

FUN FACT: Emma says her party trick is getting people drunk. From experience, I know this is VERY true. Such a talent.

Country Mouse Claire

Hi, I'm Claire...
 How do I begin to explain Claire? She's a bundle of joy and positive energy no matter how crap you're feeling. Just talking to her makes you smile.

FUN FACT: She can't burp... Yeah, I don't understand either

We do so much together that sometimes it can be hard to keep track. To make life easier, we have our own hashtags so you can keep up with our adventures:





  1. LOVE US! (ps - the links aren't working I don't think!) X

    1. Damn it! They were working... so confused. Will have to go look at some code now!

    2. And yes. LOVE US! Bangarang forever.


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