About me

Hi! I'm Ashleigh-Jayne - Or AJ/Smash/Torch... Whatever takes your fancy

I'm a tiny little 20 something living in London and working in Social Media.

I'm always on the hunt for my next adventure and have probably been to the Harry Potter Studio tour more times than anyone I know.

I like
Glitter - French movies - nail polish - blue eyeshadow - heels - mini skirts - tattoos - music - Doctor Who - Ted Baker - crafting - that new book smell - dogs

I don't like
Beans- Crocs - trainers with suits -animal cruelty - flatforms - brain freeze - 24

Feel free to drop me a line if you have thought of something I may like or to gossip about the latest Doctor Who drama...



Disclaimer: All gifts/prizes etc will be marked with an * and all opinions are my own and completely unbiased

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