Why it’s O.K. to not want to visit again

Ruins in Cyprus

As you may have heard, I didn't exactly fall in love with Cyprus when I went on a Villa Holiday with the girls. Now, I'm not saying I hated every second of it because that would be far from the truth. It's just not my favourite.

Unlike some of the girls, I have never been to Cyprus, Greece or Turkey so I really had no idea what to expect from that side of the world. I only really know what I've seen in History books and movies. Plus, none of us bothered to do any proper research before we arrived. After several years of wanting to visit, I was really excited so it was a shame to be so underwhelmed.

Boats in a harbour in Cyprus

There aren’t many places I have visited where I felt no desire to go back. With Cyprus, it felt like I was doing something wrong because I have heard so many people rave about it. Sure, we were there off-season and we didn’t really know where to go and explore, but at the same time, it was all a bit ‘meh’. I had a great time at some points, but I don’t miss it at all.

So far this year, I’ve been to two countries that I definitely want to see more of so it’s almost like Cyprus is the let down of the bunch.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are many reasons that could be why I didn't enjoy it as much as I imagined. I'm not blaming the country at all.

Temple Ruins in Cyprus

As we were there on a blogger trip (NOT being ungrateful here, at all), half of one of our days was spent with activities of the resort. A resort I could NEVER afford in my wildest dreams. It was very much forced fun with golf and tennis, which we made fun, but definitely not something I look for in a holiday. It made the day feel a bit forced. Like we had to have fun. We had to enjoy resort life, even though I'm the kind of person who's more than happy to go camping in a field.

View from Aphrodite Hills Resort in Cyprus

Because we went in the off season so the weather was unpredictable. Sure it was a lot warmer than back in London but we seemed to go on one of the only weekends in the whole year where there wasn't blazing sun. It wasn't exactly bubbling or bustling with people either. At times, I felt like we were the only ones on the resort! I'm sure this would have been entirely different at the height of summer but I'm not sure that would have made me feel any better. The British Expat area we passed with its Red Lion pubs made me feel uncomfortable. Like some of the magic that could have been in Cyprus had been sucked away and replaced with a mini British replica to stop people from feeling homesick.

Most importantly, I didn't feel inspired by Cyprus. It was all very beige. The blue seas were a beautiful contrast but from where we were (and the weather) we couldn't really appreciate them. We only really popped to the sea to visit Aphrodite's Rock on our way to the airport on our last day.

The beach and sea at Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus

The whole point of this isn't to slag of Cyprus, not at all. In fact, I have had conversations with so many people recommending areas to visit that may be more my style of travelling, or simply to go at a different time of year. My main reasoning is how it's OK if I'm not too fussed about going back. As much as I look forward to seeing all the new places and seeing as much of the world as I can, there are a couple of places I will always go back to. Cyprus doesn't feel like one of them though and I don't feel like I should be bothered about it.

I have had a couple of people say 'oh, you should really give it another go', but I really don't want to and that's OK. You shouldn't force a relationship if you're not happy, just like you shouldn't just keep going back to the same place in the small hope you might end up liking it eventually. I wouldn't want to waste money on something I'm not going to enjoy either. Although I know it doesn't matter how much you spend on a holiday, you always don't want to just throw money away (essentially).

Give me new adventures and new places to fall in love with instead.

Standing in the ruins of the Tombs of the Kings in Cyprus


  1. I've never been to Cyprus, but I think it's ok to not want to go back to a country. Not every country will suit everyone and that's ok :)

    1. You can get flights and accomodation pretty cheaply. Skyscaanner is a saviour. I'm just mostly disappointed about how underwhelming it all was considering I was so excited about going. But, like you said, not every country is right for everyone so you may enjoy it if you get to go!

  2. I haven't been to Cyprus either. I do suspect it's largely the time of year you went. And I'm not a resort person either, I'd have hated the enforced tennis etc. A little sad really, but I do get it. I probably wouldn't go back to India for a different but parallel reason - and I only spent 3 days there!

  3. I'd love to visit Cyprus one day, but I get what you mean about not wanting to go back. I probably wouldn't go back to Barcelona even though I had a great time there.

  4. Don't listen to other people, you don't have to go back there if you didn't enjoy it

  5. It sounds such a shame that you didn't enjoy this trip. I have never visited Cyprus myself. Kaz

  6. It's a shame you didn't enjoy Cyprus as much as you thought you would. I think it's fine to not want to go back to a place again. Not everywhere can be for everyone, that's what makes the world so different :-)

  7. I’ve never been to Cyprus, and I’ve onky ever heard great things about it, but I’m totally with you, if you don’t like a place that’s absolutely fine .. plenty more to visit then 🙆🏻‍♀️

  8. I don't think it is necessary to visit any place again which doesn't wow you. There are plenty of more places to visit. I am sure you will enjoy them.

  9. Oh my the view is just stunning! I would love to go here. Adding this on my bucket list!


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