Intentions for 2018

Highgate Pergola

It's my first week back at work and I am so very tired. Also sick. Already the conversations around New Years Resolutions have began. Mostly with people saying they want to lose weight or are going to do Dry January.

I don't believe in New Years Resolutions because I'm an actual pessimist. That and I rarely stick to anything, especially if I vocalise it. But, obviously, just like everyone else there are a couple of things I'd like to change, but not just because it's the New Year. I already started before Christmas. Little bit by little bit. I guess this is what happens when you start becoming more of an adult.

In my mind, if I consider these as intentions, rather than resolutions, I might actually stand a chance as I have made no promises to myself or anyone else!

Reduce my use of Single Use Plastics

I recycle a lot, especially at work where we have separate bins for everything, including one JUST for coffee grounds. However, Blue Planet this year did traumatise me. It made me realise that I really wasn't doing enough.

In the past few weeks I have been upping my game. More things at home are being recycled. I have a Pokémon water bottle for #Hydration throughout the day rather than getting new bottles all the time, I have stopped with the paper cups for coffee and take my ceramic one with me now.

Make my flat more like a home

The problem with living in a rented place, you can't really make a mark on the place you live. It annoys me but I know I will never be able to afford a house. Any time soon, anyway. Gary and I have wanted to create more of a home for a while so decided to just do it rather than make excuses. 

Before Christmas, Gary re-arranged the living room giving us more space, we've just bought ourselves a big fluffy rug (which the cat LOVES), I have been completely brutal and thrown so much stuff out, and I just bought myself a cute little house plant that I'm determined to keep alive. Currently in my Amazon basket I have a bunch of new Scatter Cushions and throws to match the colour scheme I have in my head and will be finding a way of putting more pictures of friends and family up without using nails and potentially losing my deposit!

Aloe Houseplant

Be nicer to myself

Not only am I going to stop putting myself down all the bloody time (well, try to anyway), I'm going to treat myself better. If I'm sick, I'll stay home and not wear myself down by insisting on working. I'm going to carry on going to the gym, I was really good at it last year and it honestly makes me feel so much better. I'll drink more water because I have ALWAYS been shit at that and hydration is awesome. I'm also going back to actually cooking instead of just relying on Iceland and take-away. Gary and I fell into such an awful habit of it last year and I already feel so much better after making proper meals again. 

These are all very simple changes just to make me a happier person. Knowing my luck though, now that I have written them down, I'll probably forget all about them by March and will fall into old habits. Let's not though, OK AJ? Think of the planet and your bloody happiness.

Do you have any intentions for 2018?


  1. Love your pictures, it definitely draws in the audience. Good job.

  2. I want to reduce my use of single use plastic too. It's really been bothering me recently. Supermarkets are so bad for it! I also think it's important to be kind to yourself, sometimes we are our own worse critic.

    1. We really are. I have definitely been far too critical over the years.

      Plastic seems to be going well so far, I have been saying no to things like straws, am taking my coffee cup around more and even if I can't avoid plastic, I'm recycling a lot more.

  3. I don't really like resolutions either, I prefer thinking of things as goals to work towards. The house flat is really cute x

    1. Yeah, it's something I have wanted to do for a while! I've lived in that flat for 5 years now and even though I do love it, it hasn't really felt like 'home' as I hadn't done much with it. It's looking and feeling so much better already

  4. It sounds like you;re definitely going to be looking after yourself more this year, Ashleigh. Getting your home in order will be a great start too as you'll be able to relax somewhere nice. Good for you on reducing your plastic waste too. A great way to help with that is to notice the single use plastic that you might not otherwise think about e.g. wrappers on food, sanitary products, straws, stirrers etc. I look forward to hearing how you get on.

  5. I love all of your intentions. Being kinder to the planet is something we should all be trying harder at! I don't make resolutions either, I've set myself goals to work towards. Hopefully we both stick at them.

  6. I like how you have phrased these instead of resolutions. I think we could all do to be kinder to ourselves, after all. We always judge ourselves, sometimes too harshly in some cases. I think I know what I need to do for 2018 to be more prosperous, for not only me, but for my family as a whole.

    Thank you.

    John M

  7. I intend to reduce my use of single use plastic too - I try to recycle as much as I possibly can but I am sure that I could do more.

  8. I can definitely relate to how you want to make your flat feel more like a home. I live in a shared house and sometimes it just feels like bricks and mortar, no homely feel to it. I've done wonders with the lounge in recent months, but there's still a lot more I can do.


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