Dobby the House Cat's First Christmas

Rescue Cat RSPCA

Summer 2017 was a wonderful time, Gary and I became cat parents when we rescued Dobby the House Cat from the RSPCA and welcomed a furry little ball of joy into our lives. As much as he does NOT look impressed in the above, he has gone from strength to strength and is loving every second.

Dobby is a former street-cat so he hasn't had a lot of love in his life. We're now counting down the days to his very first Christmas... as far as we know.

Being children of the internet, we were prepared for him attacking the Christmas Tree, trying to sneak snacks etc...

He's still trying to sneak snacks because he's a little fat boi but he really doesn't seem bothered in the slightest about the Christmas Tree. I feel like the internet has been lying to me for years. Or Dobby is just too god damn chill.

This Christmas, Gary and I will be going our separate ways. He's off to Scotland to see his mum while I'm going to the delightful Northampton to see my dad. Dobby hasn't left the house, bar going to the vets for check-ups, so I'm intrigued as to how he'll take this. He hates going in his carry case and when we brought him home for the first time, he hid under the bed for two days. I obviously want to make Christmas as safe and calming for Dobby as possible.

There are lots of ways to keep your pets are safe over Christmas, and it isn't just making sure they don't get into the chocolate coins... Our most important thing is making sure Dobby doesn't get stressed out on the car journey to my dad's and doesn't try to run away when we get there.

Fortunately, my vets are ahead of the game so I was able to address my concerns with them via FACEBOOK BLOODY MESSENGER. I then had an appointment with them for that week to go and pick up some stuff for him.

Feliway sell a range of products to help keep your moggy calm. We need some to not only stop Dobby freaking out in his first car ride (and potentially train ride home...) but also help him settle in at my dad's when we get there. The vets recommended a Feliway spray for his carry case, to be sprayed 15 minutes before he gets in, so he can have a comfortable journey and a plug in adaptor for when we arrive. Through science and hormones (I think, I don't actually know... science...) Dobby will hopefully be a super chill kitty.

As you know, Dobby is an FIV+ boy so he can't go outside. HOWEVER, my dad has a garden and I would love for him to have a little play outside. But I'm terrified he'll jump the fence and run away or get himself hurt. So I got him a little harness.

Many animal charities out there wouldn't recommend a harness... but I spoke to the vet about it and they were well up for trying. It's not like I'm going to be taking him on walks around the block or anything, it just means he can go in the garden and be safe. At the moment, he doesn't like it too much but that's just because he's been in it in the house. Hopefully when he gets to go outside in it, he'll be fine. If he still hates it, at least I know I tried and it will probably be thrown away.

Obviously, as it's Christmas, Dobby is going to be a little bit spoilt. He is getting a bit podgy so has been put on a diet so we're really going to have to control ourselves! Especially with young children in the house who will want to give him ALL the treats. One of the few things I actually have packed before we drive to my dads is a selection of treats, toys and his stocking (courtesy of More Than). I clearly care more about my cat's travel supplies than I care about me having enough pants... (no, I haven't packed for ME yet). Someone save me...

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  1. Oh he is the CUTEST! Hope he (and you!) have a fabulous Christmas xx


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