Force Friday II at John Lewis

As an utter nerd, there are a couple of days in the calendar that will always be celebrated in weird and wonderful ways. You have May 4th Be With You, Harry Potter's Birthday on 31st July, going back to Hogwarts on 1st September an, of course, there's Force Friday. This time, the second.

This Friday, John Lewis on Oxford Street not only held an exclusive event to showcase their new Star Wars range (toys AND tech) but they set up a pop up Cantina Bar complete with actors from Secret Cinema mingling in character costumes and serving you drinks at the bar. Do enjoy this picture of me with my new BFF Chewbacca. The height difference is just BEYOND funny.

Picture by Charlie, Distracted


The Cantina was exactly as weird as you wanted it to be. C-3PO was in his little net on the floor, all broken up. Little weird creatures sat in cages, the Cantina Band made us all dance and there  were Twi'leks everywhere, all painted blue and green.

The Cantina served pretty much non-descript mystery drinks in what look like little potion bottles, one of them tasted like Christmas in a bottle! If you couldn't be bothered to queue,well, lucky you! You'd be able to spot the odd 'smuggler' walking around in full costume, sneakily slipping people drinks out of his satchel. It was like you were actually on Tatooine and just like Secret Cinema a few years ago when I was completely overwhealmed and so very happy I cried.

I had a dance with R2-D2, was force choked by Darth Vader, cuddled Chewbacca and ran around wanting all of the things. I was in such a happy place.

Now, this is just a fangirl post about the Cantina itself but I'll totally be following up with a post on my top 5 products that I totally need to get... if you also want to go to the cantina to geek out, don't worry your little cotton socks. It's open all weekend so get your butt down there!


  1. That giant Chewy is AMAZING! What a fun day for JL to put on!

  2. YOUR HAPPY FACE IS MY FAVOURITE. Such a good night!

  3. OMG, my husband would love this - is it open long?

  4. This looks like amazing event, bless you do look so happy! Also the bar sounds great! :D

  5. I really wish I had gone to this event last week but the timing just made it too hard for me to get home :( x

    1. Oh no! That's such a shame. You should definitley come to the next one though!

  6. I would have absolutely loved this so I am slightly gutted as it looks amazing and I love Star Wars x

  7. Looked like you had a great time and would be good for any Star Wars fan!

  8. Looks like a cool event, I've never seen star wars! Is that bad?!

  9. Oh wow, what an absolutely fantastic event! I grew up watching and loving the original Star Wars movies. Loved every one of them!


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