Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Midnight Book release

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch

This post is a long time coming. Sometimes I wish Time-Turners were real so I could give myself a little more time... that and I wouldn't have to be rewriting this post because blogger deleted it. #Rude.

Back in 2007, Charlie, Distracted and I attended the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We were a part of history. We were doing something that we never thought would be possible again. It started a love for midnight releases, ever since that first one, I have been to many midnight releases for books, films and videogames. Most recently I was one of the first people in the country to leave Waterstones clutching my copy of Go Set a Watchman tightly to my chest.

I have to say though, nothing really compares to a Harry Potter midnight release.

The second I bought tickets, the eager countdown began. When the day came, I donned my Gryffindor colours with pride and, wand in hand, made it hastily across London to Piccadilly to join my fellow fans, cosplayers and Potterheads.

Harry Potter Cosplay

Standing in the queue with Leanne, Charlie and her sister, gold enveloped were handed out, we drew lightning bolts on our foreheads and we waited anxiously (well, I was) while we waited for Katy to arrive and the doors to open.

As we stepped through those double doors of my all time favourite bookshop, I was overwhelmingly happy for the first time in weeks. We were greeted by a String Quartet playing music from the films and I ended up with butterflies in my tummy.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch

 Seriously, hats off to the visual lot who organised the Launch. They had made everything perfect down to the tiniest detail. There was a pub quiz, Quidditch, Butter Beer, a mini version of Hogsmeade and THE THIRD FLOOR WAS OUT OF BOUNDS. Guys, you're all legends.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch

 After all our exploring and missing out on top points in the pub quiz... (George lost his left ear, not his right *Face palm*), we joined the winding queue up the stairs.

Midnight arrived and after a ten second countdown, there was an immense cheer throughout the shop. Tears were shed for a variety of reasons and I finally ha my hands on a copy of the script.

Once again, I was a part of literary history and I cannot thank Waterstones enough.

 I made my decision before the release to not read the script until after I had seen the play and now, thanks to the #WeAreLumos campaign, I finally have. The whole situation has made this year 1000 times better. There will be a new post shortly to tell you all about Lumos and the amazing work they do to improve the lives of children around the world.


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