July Favourites

July Favourites

It seems to me that every time I talk about 2016 getting better, a massive pile of shit appears just around the corner. I'm not exaggerating.

This month has by far been the hardest of my life, eventually I'll talk about it some more but right now it's all a bit too raw for me. It's proven to be too difficult to do a weekly round up of good things because, to me, there aren't really many good things at the moment. Instead, let's just do this monthly so I hopefully have more good things to talk about. Maybe.

So, here are the good things from July.

Party Vibes:

Little Miss Katy threw her annual party. This year's theme was red white and blue. There was music, the #Bangarang girls, beer pong with blue punch instead of beer (#CrushedIt) and a drunken stumble to McDonald's on the way home before an Uber to North London. Katy, I love you. You are fabulous.

Orchestra on Tour!

I got to spend the weekend in Brighton with a fabulous bunch of musicians. We played two concerts, had picnics on the beach and, as a standard, went to the pub. It was wonderful getting to know people so much more. I'm really looking forward to going back to rehearsals in September. Also, check out my outfit...

Pokemon Go

I am not ashamed to admit that I am OBSESSED with this game and it actually lead to my first -EVER in-app purchase. I reached level 20 today and now have a Worturtle. I am one happy bunny

Speaking of Pokemon...

I have been re-watching the original series on Netflix. It's amazig

New dresses and shoes and stuff

Back when it was nice and sunny, I was really struggling at work because everything made me too hot... so I decided to take advantage of the sales. I ended up walking away with two skirts, a dress, 3 tops, a cardi and a pair of shoes... I was one happy bunny. PLUS! LOOK HOW PRETTY THIS IS!

H&M summer dresses

Laughing at old school photos

There were some absolute classics when we were going through some family albums when I was in Scotland last week. Here are some of my favourites.


*deep breaths*

There's this little play out called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. You may have seen all the hoo-ha on the news about the midnight release of the book... I WAS THERE!

More on all the Harry Potter fun to follow...

What did you get up to in July?