That time I went camping.

camping in Brighton

I love camping. Well, the only time I have ever been camping is at festivals. I'm not sure if that 100% counts but in my head it does. You're sleeping in a tent, after all.

Recently, a pair of my boyfriends's best friends have got engaged. This is all very exciting and a decision was made for all of us to spend a weekend doing something and camping was clearly the answer.

Now, let me make one thing VERY clear. I was very excited about this up until the moment I got to Victoria Station. Where all the trains were cancelled. I was going somewhere I had never been before. No one wanted to help me (I asked 5 different people and tweeted National Rail in anger), and I cried. Like, actual silent sobs that didn't seem to stop.

I got there though. And was rewarded for dealing with a traumatic journey with beer and tapas. Much better.

camping in Brighton

Our campsite, Housedean Farm, was beautiful and very quiet. Each pitch had a barbecue pit and I swear to God that the onsite showers are better than my one at home. All in all, a five star review for Housedean Farm campsite!!

It wasn't the actual camping part that I struggled with though... it was the fitness element and nature.

On our second day (technically first for me because of the travel drama), we went for a bike ride. I love riding a bike. I used to cycle to and from work every day until I wasn't allowed to anymore. I thought this would be a nice relaxing bike ride to the beach or something. Turns out it was mountain biking and I nearly died. Plus, swallowing flies, nearly falling off a bike and splitting the tyre AND getting stuck in field with angry cows is NOT the one.

Bike Hire Brighton
This is my really unimpressed cycling face...
To be fair, it was stunning, especially when we reached the top of Devil's Dyke, had a well deserved pint and admired the views. Just look at this:

camping in Brighton

camping in Brighton

The sky may be all grey and stuff, but it's still lovely. Plus, BUTTERCUPS. Maybe the 20km there was worth it in the end, who knows!!

On top of that, I had to be rescued by Gary from a Daddy Long-Legs in the tent, run away from bees and was highly annoyed when I trod is cow AND sheep poo. So pleasant.

I realised that as fun as the whole weekend was (really, it was), I'm definitely a city girl. I can't even deal with a house spider let alone the risk that they'll have snuck into my tent while I sleep. Also, having your air bed burst on the first day is really not the most helpful thing in the world. Sleeping on the cold, hard ground well and truly sucks metaphorical balls.

To me, camping is mostly getting drunk around a campfire after seeing a bunch of awesome bands on stage but maybe I'll up my camping game next time and won't be as useless... hopefully.

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