Royal Ascot: Wine, horses and pretty dresses

So, these pictures were plastered all over my Instagram so #SorryNotSorry for doubling up but I'm still so happy that I finally got to go to Royal Ascot... and my outfit was awesome.

Ascot has always fascinated me in some way. It can be considered as the height of British Fashion and with over 300 years of History, it's always been on my bucket list.

Appletiser invited me to be a guest of theirs and I was VERY excited about it all. I foolishly turned down the Queen Anne Enclosure tickets so some friends and I could be together but the Windsor Enclosure was equally as fun, plus we didn't have to stick to a much stricter dress code!

In typical 'me' fashion. The first thing my friend Frankie and I did was head straight to the bar... after swapping into our heels from our 'emergency flats'. Seriously, thank god we took some!

Yeah to buying all the bottles of wine.

When it came to my outfit. It was seriously stressful. As I mentioned, I feel that Ascot is of significant importance to Fashion so I couldn't make a half arsed attempt, even if I was 'slumming' it with the Riff Raff (LOL, I don't mean it).

I was stressing about it and decided the only option would be to buy something new. Turns out I was too lazy and the idea of facing Oxford Street after work would have been far too much effort. I ended up doing a (slightly drunken) dash to Accessorize to buy some variety of head device and hope one of my many dresses would go with it/was clean.

One dress went with it... but it did have a wine stain on it. Whatever.

Totally hiding the wine stain with my bag...

You've all probably seen this dress before as it was my 'dancing dress' from my cousin's wedding a few years ago but it's always good to get a good few uses out of something. Plus, it's blue and went with the fascinator.

In hindsight, we probably should have arrived earlier (my fault, I was faffing all morning... and slightly hungover) because when we got there, there was, like, nowhere to sit. We hovered near the bar for a while but when we decided to venture down to the race course to have a look, i started properly kicking myself for not accepting the Queen Anne tickets. All the tables were taken and every patch of grass had someone else's picnic blanket spread over it

BUT IT WAS OK! We found my other friend Rosanna who had managed to bag a SINGLE chair... but at least we had a table for our booze!

We weren't exactly front row but we could see well enough as there were screens everywhere and we could see the horses speeding past too so we were all good. I was mostly a massive ball of excitement when the Queen showed up. I love that woman.

We did the bet thing, with absolutely no god damn clue what we were doing. Originally we were going to bet onn horses that had the most ridiculous names but after speaking to my boyfriend and Grampy, we ended on a compromise; A horse with a stupid name + some decent odds = Cunco,

I didn't win.

Oh well.

Lack of winnings aside Ascot was awesome and I CANNOT thank Appletiser enough for the tickets. I got to spend the day with awesome people, wear awesome clothes and basically have the most fun I have had in a while.

Frankie and I plan on going back next year... we'll just see whether that will actually happen!!

Have you ever been to Ascot?

*Tickets were given to me for free by Appletiser but a blog post was not a requirement. They gave me the tickets so I could have a bloody good day. I did, so I wrote about it anyway.

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