Nails Inc Paint Can Review

Nails Inc Paint Can

Anyone who knows me, AT ALL. will know that I am very vain about my nails and have been since I was a teenager. Recently, my poor nails have been neglected as I just have not had the time to keep on top of them and chipped nail polish should definitely not be a thing. End of.

Now it seems like things are finally on their way up after months of crapness so I can get back to being me again... With my Killer Nails.

No word of a lie, Nails Inc are one of my favourite Nail Polish brands. The majority of my collection is made up of Nails Inc and a regularly ask for new bottles of my favourite shades for birthdays and Christmas. Heaven forbid, I ever run out of Baker Street!

Whenever I do my nails, I'm an absolute idiot and always seem to do them before bed, this means they get ruined immediately. Even if I do the special claw hands, using only my wrists to open doors or get my boyfriend to help me change, I always wake up with them smudged or with duvet prints. You think I would have learned by now... but no.

I've heard a lot of buzzing about Nails Inc's Paint Can on the interweb and thought I should probably give it a go. Some people have been raving about it and others... not so much. I like to come to my own conclusions on these things and if it means I can get an easy mani and still manage to get dressed my myself, we're already on to a winner. The fact that it also comes in my favourite shade, Porchester Square, is seriously the delicious icing on the metaphorical cake.

A couple of things. I did not do the best job at this, purely because I am cack-handed, was fighting with lighting possibilities and missed my fingers a couple of times... People online have been moaning about how this is messy; to be honest, it's just expected when you're essentially attacking your fingers with spray paint, it's also a well known fact that I cannot aim. At all. The video below is my second attempt at application:

I then proceeded to let it dry for too long and couldn't get it off my finger tips... until I decided to be clever and used a flannel. Worked like a dream. How did it take me so long to think of it? Seriously, I suck.

When I was done, I honestly wasn't 100% sure. I love Porchester Square but it was different. I was certain that it wasn't the right shade and it had a bit of a matt finish which wasn't made clear on the packaging. HOWEVER! I used a top coat and it was exactly as I wanted it to be, it even has a very faint shimmer which I enjoyed.

Nails Inc Paint Can Porchester Square

Despite my initial doubts, I do absolutely love it. It has lasted for 5 days now with no chips and it was one hell of a laugh to put on. I have no idea how many uses you get out of a can (especially seeing as I made one hell of a mess) but I will be using it again and will more than likely get more colours too. 

Lots of love over here for the Nails Inc Paint Can.


  1. Wow this stuff is pure magic! I'm so cack handed at painting mine so this could be my saviour.

    1. Seriously, I was so doubtful and was still unsure after my first application but now I love it. I can't believe it's still intact too and I did it over a week ago! I recommend giving it a try


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