Dinner at Dirty Bones Soho

writer's block and broken lenses

THIS IS A VERY LATE POST! I have been a little bit crap recently.

To bid Charlie farewell before her travels, the Bangarang girls used this opportunity to get as many of us in one room as possible. Turns out it's pretty difficult.

Everyone was raving about Dirty Bones (I think Emma had been for brunch there recently...) but me being the rubbish Londoner I am hadn't heard of it. But I trust the Bangarang girls and their thoughts on food so knew that it would be good.

Dirty Bones is just of Carnaby Street in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street happens to be one of my favourite places in London so I'm always happy to be there as a standard.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, albeit a bit dark, and seemed to be constantly busy, obviously a popular spot.

Dirty Bones Happy Hour Cocktails

In typical Bangarang style, the first thing we did was take a look at the booze menu. Turns out it was happy hour so I obviously went for the Top Dog cocktail. It's a vodka, strawberry delight with chambord and Prosecco. Pretty much all the good things. The happy hour isn't exclusive to cocktails though and the wonderful Emma went for the Queen of the Night pale ale. You can't really say no to it when you take one look at the bottle.

Queen of the Night Pale Ale

There was a common theme when it came to the food though... Apparently fried chicken with waffles is a thing. Apparently it's really good.

It does look pretty good. 


I went for the Yankee Dog and am adamant I made the best choice. It was absolutely delicious and I was upset when I genuinely couldn't finish it. 

JUST LOOK AT IT! (Note, restaurant with poor lighting = bloggers actual worst nightmare)

The sausage is so big, it is merely perched on the bun. As you do.

The food at Dirty Bones is wonderful. It's not the most expensive place in the world, my Yankee Dog only cost £7 and I was beyond full so if you're looking for somewhere cheap to go and still leave feeling like you're going to burst, go here.

I am an honest blogger though and I do have one niggle. They were clearly understaffed that night and I was forgotten about after we had to wait 20 minutes to even order more drinks. Everyone but me got theirs (although they did have to wait around 20 minutes after ordering them). I was very upset but as I have worked in restaurants before, I decided not to kick up a fuss. It did save me £5 though!

Have you ever been to Dirty Bones?


  1. Love your review! I visited here not too long ago and was interested to see if you had a similar experience to me. They had plenty of staff the night I visited and we still waited 20 minutes to get served and were pretty much left alone all evening which is a shame as we probably would have ordered more had they bothered with us. The food however was awesome so that did make up for it a little. Totally agree with your review and that hot dog looks awesome xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. That is a shame. I hope it's not a regular thing though, the food and drinks are amazing so it's a shame to be let down by the service. I do understand if they're busy as I have personally been in that situation before.

      The hot dog was awesome. What did you have when you were there?


  2. This was SUCH a good night! We definitely need to recreate it for a WELCOME BACK CHARLIE cocktail and food session :D

    1. YES! That absolutely needs to happen. Maybe we should start planning now?

  3. Oh my gosh yes to Milly's suggestion! Looking forward to raising a glass to Charlie's return.


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