Brunch at the 'Bel and Dragon at the George'

It strange how as I get older, so much of my life now evolves around food. In my early 20s, it was all about booze but now, the majority of my social life is all about food. This is particularly the case when I either hang out with #Bangarang and when Gary and I go to stay with our friends out of London. Seriously, all we do is eat. A weekend brunch is definitely my favourite. It means that it's acceptable to drink before 12 and stuff your face. Definitely the ultimate treat (not every day. Drink responsibly, peeps).

On our most recent visit to our friends', the plan was to be productive all weekend and sort the Garden out. That didn't happen. When we woke up a little too late, it was then decided we would go to brunch/lunch and then relax before doing all the hard work on Sunday instead. #Typical.

A short drive away is a tiny little village called Odiham where you'll find The Bel and George at the Dragon., It's a quaint little pub that's so old it's all wonky. Our friends had been here before, as they're both Gluten and Dairy free so we tend to trust their judgement automatically when it comes to food as I'm sure it can be difficult finding GOOD allergy free food. They've never got it wrong so far!

In typical AJ fashion, I did that 'eyes bigger than my belly' thing. The menu just looked so damn good! I do this every time and end up pretty much needing to be rolled out of restaurants.

The Bel and the Dragon at the George Brunch Menu
Golden Bubble and Squeak

To start I ended up going for the bubble and squeak with eggs and bacon. Mostly because Gary said he was having the pancakes so I knew I'd be able to try both.

I actually couldn't... The bubble and squeak was SO HUGE Gary had to help me eat it. This is generally a standard at any meal we have but not normally for a starter. God, it was tasty though.

The Bel and the Dragon at the George Brunch Menu
Blueberry Pancakes with crispy bacon
For our mains, Gary and I both ordered of the rotisserie section of the menu. I mostly did this because I personally think Roast Potatoes count as a food group in their own right so HAD to have them... even though I had ordered the Bubble and Squeak...

My main was the Roasted Gessingham Duck Breast, served with Pak Choi and Split Peas. It was cooked perfectly to medium rare and was a more realistic sized portion. I managed to finish it rather quickly because it was soooo amazing. I didn't have many of the roast potatoes though... does that count as finishing. 

The Bel and the Dragon at the George Brunch Menu
Roasted Gessingham Duck breast

Gary isn't all that adventurous with his food really and opted for the Organic Chicken. When I say he's not adventurous, it meant the bread sauce was left untouched... All those onion rings though? Totally gone In a heartbeat.

The Bel and the Dragon at the George Brunch Menu
Organic Chicken with onion rings and bread sauce

There was no space for dessert... I struggled to even finish my after food latte. It was all so good, catering well to gluten free and dairy free customers and the portion sizes were more than generous, especially for me. I personally found it was a bit expensive (more than I can afford anyway) but it's clearly worth it. When I work out how to get to Odiham from here (or work out where it is) I will be going back.

Their Menu changes often but you can view their May Brunch Menu here.


  1. Ooooh, this looks scrumptious! You and I have similar views on roast potatoes :)


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