Good things last week #2

Last week was a busy one! It was one of those weeks that was finished before I realised it had even started. In short, there was a lot of alcohol involved and I feel that I need a couple of days off! Days where I pretty much do nothing except drink tea and watch How I met your mother. I'm cool.

Here are the good things that knackered me out last week but were so awesome I don't really care.

LUMAS ART NOW - Art, cake and a night with the girls

The #Bangarang girls and I had an evening of chuckles at the launch of ART NOW with LUMAS, the gallery was filled with beautiful artwork (affordable too, yo), STAR WARS STUFF and all the cake. We had a lot of cake.

The evening ended with burgers, milkshake and dancing at Ed's Easy Diner plus having to deal with the horror that Milly has never seen Dirty Dancing. I mean, what the hell, Milly????

Potentially the best musical score ever

On Wednesday I finally went back to Orchestra after having some time off to deal with the shiteness that has been 2016 so far. When I got there I found out that not only is our theme for the term awesome (Heroes and Heroines) but also we will be playing a medley from Star Wars. As a brass player, this is fricking awesome. I've always wanted to play Star Wars with an orchestra and even after the first rehearsal it sounded amazing. 

First Waitangi Day

I had never herd of Waitangi day until this year. Our Kiwi friend is moving back to New Zealand at the end of the month so we thought we'd tag a long to help him celebrate his last one in the UK. That morning we decided to skip out on the big circle line pub tour because... liver... but went along to the mass gathering at Westminster where we found our Kiwi and headed off to watch the rugby.

The first pictures of me and Gary

For the #DebsFirstPhoto valentines campaign, I had to get involved. During this time I realised that there are very few photos of me and Gary where we haven't been drinking but also that some of them are down right hilarious. Just look at this one, It's not the first photo but it's still pretty awkward...

Not five like last time but this week isn't looking like it'll be any quieter.

What good things did you get up to last week?

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