Good things last week #1



So, 2016 has not been following the rule of 'Even numbered years = good' and I'm far from happy about it. 2015 ended on a shitty note and 2016 showed absolutely no sign of improvement for that first god damn month.

BUT it's over.

Hopefully it all goes up from here.

In an attempt to ignore the bad things and 'put a new positive spin on things, yo', I have decided to join the trend of THESE ARE THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY blog posts. A couple of friends of mine do theirs SOOO WELL *cough* Katy *cough* that they genuinely do make me smile every week so I may as well give it a go.

So, here are some things that managed to defeat the odds and made me happy last week!

1. Gryffindoooooooor!

OK, so the Sorting Hat is now back on Pottermore. All my #Bangarang girls did it and there was all the excitement over what Houses we were in. I have always been Gryffindor, I have a Gryffindor scarf and a bunch of t-shirts and jumpers too (thank you, Primark!) and I had a ridiculous moment of doubt that if I was Sorted again I wouldn't be in Gryffindor. Retarded, I know. PANIC NOT! I am definitely a Gryffindor and my wand (Cedar with Phoenix Feather) essentially says 'don't fuck with people she loves because she will own you'. Totally true. You know me so well JK.

2. #EricaWatchesPotter

So a lot of you may have already noticed that the lovely Erica has finally given in and has started watching Harry Potter. I couldn't be more proud. Not only that though, she's also live tweeting the whole thing and sending us all the most wonderfully confused voice memos about it and seems to be making me laugh pretty much every day. I love her.

3. Katie B, Cabaret Queen

On Friday, we all went down to see the wonderful Bloody Hell Brennan perform her Quarter Life Crisis Cabaret again and it was just as wonderful as last time. Except with more tears.

She's performing again in March, go and see it. I will happily quote Bernard Black here and say 'You'll laugh you'll cry, it'll change your life'.


I love cooking, and I love beef. I have never actually cooked a roast beef joint though becuase I'm terrified of getting it wrong. But I succeeded and it was so bloody yummy.

5. Amusing myself at football

My boyfriend plays football and I foolishly agreed to go and watch one of their games at the weekend. In the wind and rain. It was cold. I amused myself by counting the number of times people fell over on the wet mud. It was 69.

Two of these things are a little bit simple and shit but they still made me happy. The other three... well, needless to say, the #Bangarang Girls are definitely keeping me sane. Thanks girls.


  1. Love this update! Looks like lots of good things occurring :) I did the sorting hat and got Slytherin... Eeep!

    1. I hope so! Let's also hope this is something I can keep up!


  2. GRYFFINDOR 4 LIFE. Gonna sneak into Ron's room later and check out his wand. <3


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