Creed: Rocky is back!

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I have grown up watching the Rocky series. When I was little, my brother and I used to sit in our parents bedroom watching the Anthology on VHS, my mum would want to be watching Emmerdale or something so we'd go watch it on their TV VHS combi player thing (remember those?).

I'm adamant to this day that Rocky IV is the best and Rocky V doesn't exist. It just doesn't, OK?!

After the shiteness that was the aforementioned film that doesn't exist, I didn't see Balboa until some point last year (FYI, loved it) and that's only because the trailer for Creed came out and I was SO EXCITED.

I kept going through stages, similarly to when Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out where I was terrified that it wouldn't be as good as I wanted it to be. What if it was Rocky V all over again?

But it wasn't, it was brilliant.

It had all the elements that make a classic Rocky film, we were lucky enough to have TWO TRAINING MONTAGES and during the fight, the audience started cheering and applauding.

As with the other Rocky films we have to deal with some variety of emotional trauma... In Rocky II, Adrienne ended up in a coma, in Rocky III, Micky dies,  In Rocky IV, we lose Apollo and Rocky V almost killed the franchise by itself. With Creed we see the struggling childhood of Adonis (Creed's son), his desperate want to be accepted and, the turning point, his relationship with Rocky.  (shall not do the spoiler thing).

On a geeky side of things, the camera work is incredible with some parts being done in one take (cue the fight scene at Godison Park). The fight scene also represents more than just man on man violence. We can clearly see the differing relationships between coach and boxer (we've seen this before with Micky but this is different) and also the difference between a fighter who just wants a quick win, and one who wants to make a name on his own and not his legacy.

All in all Creed is a beautiful film, whether you're into boxing or not. AND WE FINALLY FIND OUT WHO WON THAT THIRD FIGHT BETWEEN ROCKY AND APOLLO! I will happily see it again and will definitely own it on DVD to keep our collection going.

Might be time for another Rocky marathon soon...

What's the best film you've seen this year so far?

(OK, so I actually saw this weeks a go but went through a 'I'm staying off the internet' phase. Oh well, the review is here now.)

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  1. I think I watched the first Rocky when I was like 10, so I should probably revisit!


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