Looking back on 2015

Looking back on 2015

So, this year ended on a kind of shit note but, to be honest, 2015 was quite good! A friend and I have a theory that even numbered years tend to be good so I am looking forward to 2016 and hoping it smashes 2015 out of the park.

This year I have done some pretty exciting things so I thought that, like every blogger on the planet, I would follow the trend (for once... Still not doing a 30 by 30...) and do a quick round up of the good bits.

New friends

I went through a period recently where I felt I only had a handful of friends in London, one who has been my partner in crime since we were teenagers, my boyfriend and a couple of people I genuinely haven't had time to see. To be honest, I was kinda sad about it. This year though, I made friends on the internet. This is a thing that genuinely happens! Not really sure how this year would really have gone without my #Bangarang Babes. Thank you ladies!

Two years with my boyfriend

A little bit lovey dovey but the past two years have been pretty damn good. He treats me like an absolute queen and is my ultimate geek out partner. Ta Gary. 


Yup. After years of nada I went on holiday this year. To Nice with Gary and then to Barcelona for his birthday with his friends. It's kind of given me the itch. Roll on getting a new job and I'll be getting off for another break!! At least for a weekend...


I've been to a bunch of them now but most importantly, this year one of my oldest friends got married. I cried a lot.

I have also been to one where this happened and I regret nothing.

Star Wars 

OK, this one isn't exclusive to me nor is it an achievement/milestone but this year has been full of it. Star Wars is one of my (and Gary's) favourite things. This year we got to go to Secret Cinema for Empire Strikes Back (the best one), seen The Force Awakens twice (I screamed and cried in joy and sadness) and we're currently spending our New Years Eve playing Battlefront on the XBox with friends. Geek Central down here.

There's definitely so much more I could tell you about but I did have to narrow it down. Plus, I'm writing this post on my phone so Lord knows what the format will be like etc. I'll fix it later if it's crap. (update: Blogger wouldn't let me change it...)

Happy New Year everyone! Roll on 2016 with more laughs, new adventures and who knows what else.


Glam Clam Blogger Christmas Bash

Glam Clam Blogger Christmas Bash

The #GlamClamMeatSlamSquad

This year I went to three Christmas Parties. Everyone loves a Christmas Party but,  let's face it, they tend to get a bit same-y. There are loads of 'safe' options that everyone goes for and (especially when you go to a couple a year) they all tend to get a bit repetitive. When organising a blogger Christmas bash we knew we had to take the whole Christmas Party shenanigans one step further. On an 'average' night out we tend to do the likes of Musical Bingo and Gospeloke... expectations are obviously high. We were stuck for a while but were luckily saved by Charlie, Distracted and her amazing list of restaurants to go to and awesome Googling skills. Some food and cocktails in Camden followed by a BLOODY DRAG SHOW! Hell yeah.

writer's block and broken lenses
Image courtesy of Little Miss Katy
No one likes organising a Christmas Party though, especially when there are loads of you involved. Not only do you have to find something to do (turns out a lot of our outrageous ideas either too expensive or had sold out months ago) but there's also the drama of the money. Either splitting a bill ten ways, much to the enjoyment of the waitress who has to do some intense A-level maths in her head, or work out who owes who money when you're already three bottles of wine in. This year w were able to take all that drama away with the help of Santander and their new App KiTTi. The app works just like an old-school kitty, you can all pop money into the KiTTi (ha!) and you can then transfer it straight over to the card they send you so you can spend it all easily using card machines, t'internet and even over the phone. One of the plus sides is that you can use the app to track exactly how much money you have left on the card. Awesome.

For the first half of the evening, we went to have much needed cocktails and dinner at Q Grill in Camden.

writer's block and broken lenses

There was much excitement over this and after out first cocktail and starters, it appeared we made a good choice. To start Charlie and I shared the Spiced Cornbread Waffle and Blackened Butterfish. Both were incredible and as I don't really eat fish, I was very impressed. I wanted more of it.

writer's block and broken lenses
Blackened Butterfish

writer's block and broken lenses
Cornbread Waffles
With this to set us off and how amazing the Smokes Beef Hash we had as a main sounded and looked, it was a disappointment. Soz guys!

writer's block and broken lenses
Smoked Beef Hash with Duck Egg
Next, onto the highlight of the night. The Queens of the Glam Clam, a pop up dining experience with food by Gizzie Erskine. Obviously, we were only in it for the drag though.

I'm a massive RuPaul fan (Sharon Needles is obviously the best winner) and love drag as a whole but had never been to a show. I expected a lot of 'lip sync for your life' moments and was not disappointed.

writer's block and broken lenses

writer's block and broken lenses

The evening was broken up into different musical numbers from Diva of the evening Colette Cooper, jazz from her band and, obviously, some drag.

Image courtesy of Little Miss Katy
The Queens themselves (I think) took a shine to us. Always making appearances at our table and, at one point, presented us all with shots. In between causing havoc around the room and making some of the clearly uncomfortable men in the room feel even more uncomfortable. One poor guy had one of the Queens clamber all over him pretty much naked. He took it well though!

Everything from the show itself to the decor just screamed glamour. With people around us enjoying their food while dressed to the nines, in evening gowns and tuxedos, with light up mirrors a la Hollywood dressing room all over the joint. It was just amazing

sneaky photo of me reapplying lippy by Captain Charley

Little 'n' large - a photo op too good to miss by Charlie, Distracted
Selfie with one of the Queens by Charlie, Distracted
One of the best pictures ever. Dancing with Captain Charley by Milly
A fun night of food, booze and ALL THE DANCING was had by all and I'm proud to say that our Christmas Party must have put so many others to shame. Massive thanks to Santander for letting the #GlamSlamMeatSlam girls kick off the party season in style.

#SquadGoals - photo courtesy of Little Miss Katy

*This post was sponsored by Santander and KiTTi.

Films they should not remake. Ever.

Films they should not remake. Ever.

Earlier this week, news was announced that Christopher Nolan's Momento is going to be remade. And I was angry. It's barely 15 years old and it's already going to go through the Hollywood rehash.

Obviously, I'm not the only person in the world who expresses fury when someone decides 'well, we're out of ideas again, so let's redo something else'. Most recently, the American version of The Returned. Just no.

I did a shout out on Twitter and fellow film nerds started to emerge listing some of their favourites that SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED! A lot of them are bang on point.
I clearly have a lot in common with a lot of people (especially my #Bangarang girls).  There are a bunch of films in this discussion that are pinnacles of filmmaking and to touch them would be the ultimate insult. As you can probably tell from my header photo I have quite an extensive lists of films that need to be protected. Somehow I have managed to nail it down to a top 5...

Gone with the Wind

Writer's block and broken lenses

Gone with the Wind has always been my favourite films. Yes, it goes on for about 4 hours but they are 4 hours of brilliance. Plus there's the interval which gives you the perfect opportunity to make a cup of tea in the middle.

Gone with the Wind is the best example of Hollywood at its finest. A not quite love story throughout the American Civil War. Scarlet O'Hara always throws aside her own happiness in order to save her family and home and it's not until the very end where she's experienced the greatest tragedy when she realises what will truly make her happy but unfortunately it's too late. Vivienne Leigh is absolutely perfect in this role and it's strange how much of the character is reflected in her real life. It's almost like it's a role that was MADE for her.

True Romance

writer's block and broken lenses

Christian Slater when he was still hot? CHECK. Written by Tarantino? CHECK. Stellar cast in general? ABSOLUTE CHECK! It's a love story with guns, people!

Seriously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this film. From Samuel L. Jackson's grand five minutes on screen, Brad Pitt playing a stoner to Gary Oldman as a rasta pimp... it's just brilliant. Plus the score is by Hans Zimmer... all the win.

This is definitely one of my favourite films. And my boyfriend's for that matter. We both love it so much we went to see it on 35mm at the Prince Charles Cinema.

Please just watch this film.

The whole Harry Potter series

writer's block and broken lenses

Especially The Half Blood Prince. 

I'm counting these as all one film. I know that they will be remade at some point in the future because it is one of the most successful franchises of all time and it has gripped the hearts of more than one generation for nearly 20 years. It has certainly been a massive part of my life since I was 9-10 years old.

Yes, it's fun to go back and laugh at some of the bad child acting at the very beginning but there further along you go, the darker they get and all the more perfect. There are obviously a couple of things from the books I wish they kept and I am always a broken mess from The Half Blood Prince onwards but if anyone were to remake them, I will be beyond heartbroken. No one will ever be as good as Alan Rickman as Severus Snape and we all know it.

The Princess Bride

writer's block and broken lenses

Possibly one of the most quotable films and a family favourite. It's one of those films that takes the piss out of itself, so much so it has really stood the test of time and I will happily always watch it again. It's not to everyone's taste and I have noticed that unless you've grown up with it, you possibly don't 'get' it. That's how I try to justify people don't liking it anyway.

The Red Shoes

writer's block and broken lenses

We studied this when at Uni for our British Cinema module. It's a story within a story based on the Hans Cristian Anderson fairytale. There are many rumours around this film, like how Moira Shearer wasn't allowed to become Prima Ballerina for a leading ballet company because she made the artform available to the masses through a 'vulgar' film.

A triumph of Powell and Pressburger, The Red Shoes is an explosion of colour and art in a previous monochrome period of British Cinema. It was cited to be a failure but received a massive cult following and is as popular today. It's just beautiful.

The Labyrinth

writer's block and broken lenses

Dude. It's David Bowie in tights, as an adult I can now appreciate this (*giggle*). Similarly to The Princess Bride I think that unless you grew up for it, it's probably not for you. 

BUT! What's not to love, the aforementioned Bowie as the goblin king, songs you can actually sing all day, a Strong female lead who doesn't want to live up to everyone's expectations, or even the dark side of love? Well... obsession at least. It's kind of adult muppets with a dark twist and it makes me happy every time I watch it.

Plus, Bowie.

OK, yes. I'm aware that's not 5... I changed my mind so many times while writing this list that I just decided to go for 6. What of it?

What films do you think should never be remade, EVER?