What I got up to in October 2015

October is always manic for me. It's my boyfriend's birthday, my birthday, my friend's birthday... Halloween... It's a month where I genuinely struggle to find time to breathe. Even now things are only just starting to calm down a tiny bit and we're now in the second week of November!

Despite how busy October was. it was absolutely amazing. I had the opportunity to go to loads of events, spend time with some of my favourite people and even have my second holiday of the year. All the win.

In no particular order, here are some of the best things I got up to in October.

1. A weekend break in Barcelona

You can read more about this here but I'm still not over how much of an amazing time I had. October is a wonderful time to go away, it's still hot in Spain and there's nothing better than sitting outside a cute bar, a glass of Sangria in hand watching the world go by.

2. Hillary's Crafternoon*

I love crafting. It's so therapeutic. A lot of my projects tend to go unfinished... like that bloody blanket... With Hillary's we had a whole afternoon of eating cake. drinking tea and crafting as a whole. We made jewellery boxes using some of their beautiful fabrics and I even (finally) succeeded at making rosettes after YEARS of trying. Thanks Hillary's! You can read more about their crafting events right here.

3. Yelptoberfeast

Some of you may already know of the App Yelp. Throughout October, the guys at Yelp held a series of events* for their users and bloggers to experience more of the best of London.

I managed to bag myself an Escape Hunt style experience with Yelp and Thinking Bob. Little Miss Katy and I were extremely excited when we stepped into the first room and discover it was Harry Potter themed and managed to solve all the clues in less than three minutes (I think) #Boom. Kind of made the fact we both turned up wearing Hogwarts jumpers look intentional.

4. Jason Webley is back!

Back before I started my blog, Charlie, Distracted and I went to see a wonderful musician called Jason Webley live before his 'year break'. It was one of the best gigs I have ever been to and I kept waiting desperately for that year off to be over. possibly 3/4 years later he finally came back and performed at the Old Queen's Head in Angel. Although the support act was very strange (#Art) Jason Webley was as wonderful as we remember. If you haven't heard of Jason Webley until now, get on Spotify immediately and listen to Ways to Love. Do it.

 5. Musical Bingo Birthday Fun

Going to Musical Bingo for their Halloween Ball has become a bit of a tradition now. As I may have mentioned countless times before, my birthday is the day before Halloween so I have always celebrated in and Musical Bingo is one of the best places to do it.

This year we made it two years running with trophies for Best Dressed (three for Charlie) and walked away with the trophy for 'Best Team Effort' after we went for a Mean Girls theme with #HallowMeanGirls. I played the role of Gretchen Weiners who was killed by Regina George because I wore hoop earrings. Annoyingly my phone died so I don't have any pictures of this ultimate moment.

Let's make it three years running next time.

Seriously, that is just a snapshot of my mental October life. I'm sure there's a lot more but that'll have to do. I keep hoping November is a lot quieter but I just looked at my diary and I'm starting to think that won't be the case. Ho hum!

What did you get up to in October? Was your month as mental as mine?

Disclosure: Everything marked with a * I was invited to attend for free.

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  1. What a wicked October!! That red velvet cake looks delicious and a Harry Potter themed escape room?! Sounds amazing! Hope November is just as awesome x


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