My favourite TV shows this Autumn

Not sure about you but I love TV this time of year. My favourite shows always come back (except for Game of Thrones) and I can spend my evenings sitting in my pyjamas, eating junk food and thoroughly enjoy myself without needing to make too much effort. Well, no effort at all really. God I'm lazy this time of year!

Recently, Panasonic and their new Viera 4k TV range have been challenging bloggers to talk about their favourite programmes. This was actually a challenge as well, there are so many things I am watching right now that it's difficult to narrow them down!

Without being too long winded and essentially saying 'WATCH ALL THE THINGS!', here's a quick overview of my weekly TV routine. Yes, I have a TV routine. Don't you judge me.

1. Doctor Who

writer's block and broken lenses
BBC/Doctor Who

Doctor Who is back! Well, it came back in September... And i"m still excited about it. As much as I love the other Doctors before him, I find Capaldi brings a whole new gravitas and darkness to the character. Some people have said that the show has been going down hill under Steven Moffat but controversially I think this season has had some of the best episodes since Blink way back in 2007.

Really, you only need to watch last week's episode. to truly appreciate how good Capaldi is and how he is just MADE for this role. His speech made about war during The Zygon Inversion has been hailed as one of his greatest moments by the Radio Times and the internet has not shut up about it.

2. The Walking Dead

writer's block and broken lenses
AMC/ The Walking Dead

Oh. My. God. The Walking Dead. Just, I can't. This season has just been beyond brilliant. I felt that the last couple of seasons have lagged a little bit in comparison to the first (which we all know was incredible) but this season has just gone above and beyond. 
I'm not going to do a spoiler related thing but this season has just reaffirmed why I should never get attached to characters. I have been on the edge of my seat for weeks just praying that the thing that happened, didn't happen! It's been a right torment.
3. Grimm

writer's block and broken lenses
TNT/ Grimm
This one was actually a nice surprise. The last season didn't end that long ago but as we've got it on series record on Sky we just spotted in our planner and got very excited. 
Grimm is a supernatural/geeky show where you don't know whether it's awful or brilliant. After the last series and that annoying cliffhanger, I'm now going with the latter. It follows the basic premise of good vs evil, human vs monster. At first I thought it was just something trashy I could use to fill the void between other shows and seasons but now I look forward to each episode. Plus, some of the characters are easy on the eye... :-p
4.  American Horror Story: Hotel

writer's block and broken lenses
20th Century Fox/ American Horror Story Hotel
Currently hit and miss at the moment but that could be because Jessica Lange has gone (*weeps*) and Lady Gaga just does not live up to her. No one ever will to be honest.
The things I love about American Horror Story is that it has the tendency to terrify me, even if it's not the 'jump out of my skin and scream' way it did in the first season. Now, it grosses me out and makes me feel very uncomfortable but still have the urge to sleep with the light on. 
This season really hasn't been the best but last week Angela Basset made her return so I can only see it getting better from here.
5. Once Upon a Time

writer's block and broken lenses
ABC/ Once Upon a Time
What would happen if all your favourite fairytale characters came to the real world. In short: a TV show that's so bad it's good. Very low budget for a show where a majority of the scenes and villains require a lot of CGI and terrible acting from at least one major character... but it's wonderful and I don't know why. 

Things I am looking forward to

There are a couple of things that are still yet to grace our screens/I haven't watched yet/aren't available in the UK yet (very annoying).

1. The Returned

This one is back on Channel 4 now, an amazing French programme and we have been waiting for three years for just the second series. It's almost as bad as Sherlock in that sense! The last series left us on such an annoying and frustrating cliff hanger that I am waiting for the episodes to build up just so Charlie, Distracted and I can have a proper binge.

2. Supernatural

This is one that's already on in America and I'm not sure when it's next back in the UK. It's one of my favourite series and is now on its 11th. I'm probably just going to have to smash through the other 10 just so I get my fill.
3. Christmas specials

Doctor Who and Sherlock. I really don't need to say anything else here.

What are your favourite TV shows this season? If you're stuck for something to watch, IMDB have a list of new and returning shows right here.

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