Vegetarian BBQ with Quorn and the London BBQ School

London BBQ School

I was a vegetarian for years until I finally caved. During my time as a veggie, I pretty much lived off Quorn. Not just because it made my mum feel better about me losing protein but also because it tastes amazing. This hasn't really changed as when Charlie, Distracted and I lived together, we used to cook with it regularly. Quorn in a chili? AMAZING!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a barbecue at the London BBQ School hosted by Quorn to show off the versatility of their products, more than just burgers dontcha know! It turns out there are a lot more products than I knew about as the brand has grown so much since I started eating it.

Cooking is one of my favourite things but when we have barbecues, my boyfriend generally does the cooking because he man and man cook meat over fire. This time it was my turn and I got to play with one of the biggest barbecues I have ever seen. Other than just cooking on them we were also taught the fundamentals barbecues and how to do them properly rather than just starting a fire with a piece of paper over some coals with a firelighter...

JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS BEAST! It was more complicated than your standard grill from Argos.


vegetarian bbq

Splitting into teams we had a couple of recipes to choose from and we all got to have a go at each one to make sure there was enough food to go around. We mostly stuck to the Quorn chicken wraps and I could have happily ate my weight in them. There were also burgers and skewers that I'm sure even the most carnivorous person wouldn't be able to resist. The were just too good.

Quorn Skewers

I can't believe how much I ate and I was so surprised to see how much you can really do with what some may consider a 'dull' product. It's really not and it's beyond delicious. I think I might need to introduce Gary to some of these!

If you're also a Quorn lover and want to try these out for yourself (even if you've never had Quorn!) you can find a bunch of wonderful recipes here. It turns out that a very small percentage of their consumers are actually vegetarian so I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised by the sheer deliciousness of it all.

Have you ever tried Quorn?

*I was invited to attend this event for free but if I didn't have fun/enjoy it/love and eat ALL THE FOOD, I wouldn't be telling you about it.


  1. You've just proven to me that Quorn can survive a BBQ, I will be book marking those Quorn sausage skewers for next summer :)

    1. Quorn is amazing, I was surprised that they'd work on a BBQ too. Clearly it works for any occasion!


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