10 thoughts I have while eating a curry

chicken curry
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I love a good curry, while living with Charlie, Distracted it was a regular part of our diet and now I live with my boyfriend, nothing has changed. I love the smells as it cooks with the combination of garlic and all the spices in the world (well, slight exaggeration but you know what I mean) and curries are also beautiful. SO MANY COLOURS! I mean, who wouldn't want to try food that occasionally looks that shade of a sunset.

Unfortunately there is a downside so some of the most wonderful dishes in the world and that is the fact that I cannot handle spice and am a complete wuss, plus there's the joys of heartburn. I have suffered for years but am too damn stubborn to give up one of my favourite things. For a laugh, here are 10 thoughts I have while eating a curry.

  1. Oh my God this smells delicious. 
  2. This was such a good idea.
  3. Oh! It's not too bad actually, I think I can handle this one
  4. Holy Christ my mouth is on fire
  5. If I eat more rice first, maybe I can handle the spice
  6. Come on Ashleigh-Jayne, everyone will judge you if you don't finish this
  7. Great, they're laughing at me
  9. Screw that last spoonful, I am done and dying
  10. Euuuuurgh *curls up on sofa*
Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don't but one thing is for certian - I am a curry failure and sometimes my boyfriend has to finish it for me so we don't waste food.

This post was sponsored by Gaviscon but the fails at Curry eating are completely my own.

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