Go Set a Watchman book launch (spoiler free)

Go Set A Watchman Book Launch

When I was around 15 years old, my mum gave me a book and told me to read it. I didn't get into it and gave up a couple of chapters in. Seeing the book placed on my desk when we walked into our GCSE English class made me sigh. I regret that in a way. For the last 11 years since, I have read that book at least once a year.

When it was announced that the sequel, Go Set A Watchman, had been 'found', I felt split in two. One part excited and one part sceptical. I remember my mum telling me when she first gave me a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird that Harper Lee had said 'everyone is born with a novel inside them, and this was mine' (Turns out that this is actually a BlackAdder quote... go Mumma), with this on my mind I was obviously confused when this new manuscript made an appearance 55 years later.

Despite this, as a massive fan and knowing that this would be the biggest launch since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I automatically booked the day off work so I could just be left alone and read it in a day.

Go Set a Watchman Waterstones

It wasn't until the day of the launch that I decided to go to the midnight release. I had pre-ordered a copy elsewhere but after going to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows several years before with Charlie, Distracted, I knew how it felt to essentially be a part of history and I wanted to have that feeling again.

Go Set a Watchman Waterstones

Slightly delayed after work, my boyfriend got there first and held a spot for me. For a fair few hours (no lie) we were essentially THE queue for this book. but as it got closer to midnight, more people appeared out of the woodwork and just before midnight the store manager told us there were over 500 people in the store. Yay! It wasn't just me!!

Go Set a Watchman Waterstones

After sitting there reading To Kill a Mockingbird again, seeing the books opened only a few feet from me and desperately wanting a double cheeseburger. The time came, the countdown commenced and I got the first copy in the store, my receipt proudly saying 00:01 in the bottom right hand corner.

In the past 24 hours, my Twitter notifications have gone mental, I've appeared on national news, I had to hang up on a radio station who wanted me to speak to them (they had someone on the line who had read the book and were discussing spoilers. DUDE! I HAVE JUST BOUGHT IT!) and I have finished the book. 

Despite some of the comments I have seen on news articles about those of us who waited for hours to get our hands on something that we have basically been waiting over 50 years for, I do not regret my decision to go and I am so glad I was there. Thank you Gary for saving my spot for me :-)

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  1. Girl, you are lucky! What an amazing opportunity, I'm going to be picking up my copy this weekend - can't wait xD

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