What I've been reading; How to be a Woman

How to be a woman review

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran has been descibed by the Guardian as "A short, sharp, feminist manifesto" but it is so much more than that.

I have never really been one to read non-fiction of any variety, I like being lost in a world of fantasy to escape the whole adult world I'm still not used to. But after seeing Caitlin Moran's short performance at the most recent Amanda Palmer show at the Union Chapel, I laughed so hard I knew it was about time I read her book.

I am a feminist but I have found it difficult to find any form of feminist literature that I can relate to as a lot of the examples I have found have been from an angry perspective, although this may have just been me not looking hard enough. How to be a Woman is completely different and reflects pretty much all of my points of view, even those that are not percieved as 'feminist'. Even our first experiences of true sexism are pretty much the same although mine was at university wehreas Moran's was at work but still, pretty much the same.

It's not just the ideas she portrays in the the book that got me so hooked from the first chapter. It's dirty (in a good way, not 50 shades style) raw and down right hilarious. I think I confused the poor bloke next to me while I was reading a chapter on pubic hair... making me cackle to no shame.

In all honesty, How to be a Woman is a hilarious journey of life as a woman from puberty onwards which is why it's so easy to relate to. There are so many obstacles highlighted that half the time you don't realise existed until you look back and realise 'fuck! I've done that too!'. It's also a nice way of realising YOU ARE NORMAL! There are so many books and articles out there about self improvement. I've always thought 'what's the point' and it's wonderful to see such a woman have the same view and openly tell us from a position of 'authority' (again, in the good way, not the bosssy 'only I'm right' way).

I haven't even finished the book yet, according to my Kindle I am 88% through but I had to tell people about it and I have already just ordered How to Build a Girl because How to be a Woman was so spectacular. Buy it. Simple.

Have you read How to be a Woman? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


  1. I'm so pleased you've finally read this! If you want other non-angry feminist books, the ones I like that are more along the lines of 'female empowerment' instead include The Handmaid's Tale, Girlboss and Lean In

    1. Good shout! Can't read anything new until Go Set a Watchman comes out as I've booked the day off for it like a loser but I'll put these on my list.


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