What I've been reading; How to be a Woman

What I've been reading; How to be a Woman

How to be a woman review

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran has been descibed by the Guardian as "A short, sharp, feminist manifesto" but it is so much more than that.

I have never really been one to read non-fiction of any variety, I like being lost in a world of fantasy to escape the whole adult world I'm still not used to. But after seeing Caitlin Moran's short performance at the most recent Amanda Palmer show at the Union Chapel, I laughed so hard I knew it was about time I read her book.

I am a feminist but I have found it difficult to find any form of feminist literature that I can relate to as a lot of the examples I have found have been from an angry perspective, although this may have just been me not looking hard enough. How to be a Woman is completely different and reflects pretty much all of my points of view, even those that are not percieved as 'feminist'. Even our first experiences of true sexism are pretty much the same although mine was at university wehreas Moran's was at work but still, pretty much the same.

It's not just the ideas she portrays in the the book that got me so hooked from the first chapter. It's dirty (in a good way, not 50 shades style) raw and down right hilarious. I think I confused the poor bloke next to me while I was reading a chapter on pubic hair... making me cackle to no shame.

In all honesty, How to be a Woman is a hilarious journey of life as a woman from puberty onwards which is why it's so easy to relate to. There are so many obstacles highlighted that half the time you don't realise existed until you look back and realise 'fuck! I've done that too!'. It's also a nice way of realising YOU ARE NORMAL! There are so many books and articles out there about self improvement. I've always thought 'what's the point' and it's wonderful to see such a woman have the same view and openly tell us from a position of 'authority' (again, in the good way, not the bosssy 'only I'm right' way).

I haven't even finished the book yet, according to my Kindle I am 88% through but I had to tell people about it and I have already just ordered How to Build a Girl because How to be a Woman was so spectacular. Buy it. Simple.

Have you read How to be a Woman? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

The Fawlty Towers Dining Experience

The Fawlty Towers Dining Experience

Fawlty Towers Dinig Experience

I don't remember the first time I watched Fawlty Towers but I was certainly introduced to it from a very young age because my family is beyond cool.

When I heard that the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience (Or Faulty Towers...) was actually a thing I knew that I had to go. It launched at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and has made it's way to London calling the Charing Cross Amba Hotel it's home. It was while there at another blogging event where we experienced it from afar with sneaky runs outside to see what was going on.

After raving about it and how much I wanted to go I was invited and it was just a given that my plus one would be Charlie, Distracted.

As we have a tendency to get way to in to things, we also decided to rock 1970s looks in keeping with the theme. I'm seriously lacking in the vintage clothes front but ended up combining my retro books (from the 1970s may I add) with a floral dress from Primark, hoping I was able to pull of the hippy vibe.

Floral Dress

When we arrived there was a hell of  lot of cackling from the start (hence why a lot of the pictures coming are blurry...) where after being told to seat the guests, Manuel toldstarted to make us all sit on floor, clearing the glasses meant taking all the glasses off guests' faces and me being promptly dragged out of the room. Ignore him, he's from Barcelona...

The food itself was intentionally awful, as though you were really staying at Fawlty Towers so if you do end up going I recommend you eat beforehand or have a plan B for afterwards.

fawlty towers dining experience

fawlty towers dining experience

The soup for starters had a hint of carrot but mostly water. I was prepared to say that there was a hair in it in the hope of a rendition of this scene:

I chickened out. I feel like a failure.

Without going too much into it as I think you need to go, whether you're a fan or not. Sitting on a table of complete strangers with your food arriving all haphazardly, being greeted with a disgusted look when you ask for more bread and the constant bellows from Basil Fawlty when poor Manuel gets something wrong.

Manuel Fawlty Towers
Manuel singing to us
Basil Fawlty
Basil's response to Manuel's singing. Look at the sheer fury!

The whole cast were spectacular, the lady who played Sybil Fawlty had everything down perfectly, including her legendary cackle and the fear she struck into Basil from just the word 'Basil!'.

Basil Fawlty

I ended up leaving with aching cheeks and aching ribs from all the laughter, an afternoon where the highlight was the show ending with the infamous German scene. Pants on head and all!

Basil fawlty Germans

After the scene the show ended in raucous applause while the hotel staff brought out our dessert, a delicious chocolate mousse that completely put the rest of the food to shame (obvs).

The Faulty Towers Experience is at the Amba Hotel in Charing Cross for dinner experiences on Fridays and Saturdays and a lunch time experience on Sundays. I thoroughly recommend you go here and book tickets because even if you aren't as obsessed with Fawlty Towers as Charlie and I are, you will still have an amazing time and it'll certainly be an experience you won't forget.

Have you ever been to the Faulty Towers Experience?

*I was invited to attend the experience for free but all views are obviously my own.

Things I am bad at: Blogging and non blogging related

Things I am bad at: Blogging and non blogging related

There have been a lot of posts going around recently that have bugged me. Things like 'Blogging Tips' are making the rounds again as well as things like 'how to take the perfect outfit photos' and to me, maybe only to me, it seems like these things give bloggers an air of perfection that can occasionally be unrealistic. How only their way is the right way. Again, this could only be me reading too much into things, but it also seems as though bloggers must maintain this air of unachievable perfection to maintain their 'influencer' status in their strive to become the next Zoella.

I am not one of these people.

I work in social media but I blog for a hobby and after seeing things like this go around on a constant basis, I thought it would be fun to show the Internet that even though I am a blogger, I am far from perfect not matter what. As is my life despite all the glam and perks that come with being a blogger

Even though I tend to write about the exciting things I get up to, I am far from perfect and there's absolutely no shame about it and no need to hide behind a computer and pretend it's all coming up daisies everyday, especially since I am not telling you about how I tend to have two hour afternoon naps and eat three ice lollies in one go in my onesie, I'M A BLOGGER GOD DAMN IT AND WILL ONLY TALK ABOUT THE AMAZING THINGS.

In a nutshell, this post is pretty much an overview and showing you not only the things I am bad at but all of the ridiculous things that other people won't admit in their internet lives. Partly just for fun but also to demonstrate that there is also no harm in admitting flaws, no matter what they may be.

1. Blogging

Attempt at being organise with a blogging notebook. #Fail

Not in the sense of writing but actually doing it. A lot of these 'blogging tips' posts go on about how you have to blog twice a week because otherwise the world will explode and you don't really count as a dedicated blogger. This is a load of bull.

I struggle to find the time to write up all the drafts I have going on at any one time or actually do things with the photos I have taken but this certainly does not mean I am not dedicated nor am I a failure as a blogger. IT IS A HOBBY. When I have the time, I write and it goes down well. I always maintain regular visitors even if I haven't written for weeks and I get new followers every day. This makes me proud and shows that the world will not end in a fiery ball of death if you don't get those two posts written every week.

2. Photos

Not necessarily the taking of them, more like the being in them. Even as a child I was told I couldn't smile and I think that has kind of reflected in my general photo awkwardness so I only look half decent in pictures when I'm either dancing or drunk. Being a blogger it's difficult for me to want to talk about my outfits without comparing myself to fashion bloggers who manage to pull of the 'stare far into the distance' look whereas when I try it I just look constipated. It's reached the point now where I honestly don't give AF. If the outfit looks good then who cares? We're talking about clothes here and not my face.

Example of my twattish photo face.

3.  Buttons

Not blogging related at all but also not really life related. Seriously, who the hell can struggle over the concept of buttons? Oh, that would be me... I don't even know why

4. Maths

This one speaks for itself really and isn't exactly abnormal

5.  Getting up in the morning

I'm sure I never used to be as bad as this as I am now. Before I had to take daily medication I would wake up, albeit unwillingly, and get on with my day. Now however it's like that clip in Pans Labyrinth when she wakes up the monster although the waking up process usually involves my boyfriend throwing off the covers and opening the windows so I lie there like teenager trying to bat the sun away with my hands. I need to sort it out really

6. Saying no

This can be blogging related as well as general life. I've always struggled to say no and I've found that I have to say it more often than I like especially when PRs contact me. Every time I have to say no I feel guilty especially if it's to a PR because I am essentially one myself and I know how much it sucks.

Outside of the blogging world, saying no is equally as hard and I always end up either taking on more work or doing more things so I don't have time to sit. I do appreciate a good sit and I do need more sitting time.

But it's OK! You don't need to take every opportunity that comes your way if they aren't screaming your name or you don't have time. There will be others, I promise.

7. Paying attention

This is my boyfriend's pet peeve. I like to think I'm good at multi-tasking but that's a complete lie. If I'm trying to do more things than once I have a tendency to leave sentences unfinished or say 'what/pardon me' at least three times before I can grasp what the hell is going on around me.

8. Doing things in general... Procrastination, innit

Yeah... again, this is a common problem the world over but I seem to excel at it on an amazing scale. Whether it's little things having a shower before bed so I don't have to rush in the morning, rehearsing my music or even making dinner I more often than not end up on the black whole of the Internet that is Reddit or binge watch a TV programme on Netflix. It then means that 'OK, I'll do it in a minute' ends up taking hours. On a larger scale, I'm still in February of my Mood Blanket... pretty damn far behind.

9.  Doing the washing

As a blogger this is seriously the bane of my life. If there's an event coming up I try to plan my outfits but then realise that the thing I want to wear and is perfect for this occasional in particular is currently at the bottom of a washing pile. As a result I tend to just throw on a pair of jeans and a band t-shirt but again, it's OK. I'm comfortable god damn it and I will wash that dress when I get home so it's ready for the next time. But this could always lead back to number 8 if I'm not careful.

10.  Remembering... pretty much anything

My memory is awful, and my attempt at keeping my life in order (I.e, my diary) just doesn't seem to help. I now rely on Gary if people want to make plans because I never know what the hell is happening whereas he's really organised and knows more about my social life than I do.

So there we go, only a fraction of the many, many things I am bad at and linking back to my main point; it just goes to show that bloggers aren't perfect and it doesn't matter. You don't need to follow 'blogging tips' as though they're a recipe book... thinking about it, you don't always need to follow a recipe. If you want more cinnamon, have more cinnamon and don't let anyone tell you you're doing it wrong. Accept and embrace what you think may be a flaw and just roll with it. Blogging and LIFE is so much more interesting that-a-way.

Lush Oxford Street Store

Lush Oxford Street Store

Lush Oxford Street Store
Image source: www.lush.co.uk
The one problem with Lush is pretty much that I should not be able to go into a store, attended or unattended. I have used their website in the past to get my essentials such as Soak and Float and Ultrabland without a problem. Let me go in a store and I always leave with my purse crying despite how happy my soul may be. Damn you bright colours and glitter.

The new flagship store opened on Oxford Street a few weeks ago and a bunch of my friends have been going on about how amazing it is. It was no word of a lie...

Lush Oxford street store

ONE essential turned out being three bath bombs (one for Gary, may I add), bath oils, glitter and that essential Soak and Float. This is mainly because I'm a sucker for any variety of advertising and when they have 'shows' on the different bath bombs I get all levels of excited and buy them all.

From left onwards:
Soak and Float solid shampoo
Sunnyside - my favourite glittery bubble bar
Oxford Street Exclusive silver bath melt (can't remember the name)
Frozen bath bomb for singing 'Let It Go' loudly in the bath
The Oxford Street exclusive Experimenter bath bomb

Out of all of these things, the Experimenter is one of the most exciting bath products I have bought for a while. I don't even know how to describe it properly, it's made up of loads of different colours and scents plus it makes your bath look like tie die. Honestly, where's bad with this?

Frozen was equally as amazing. I mixed it with a bit of Sunnyside and it ended up looking like a sparkly blue lagoon. I obviously insisted on listening to the Frozen soundtrack while in the bath too. 

I felt like this:


Next came the bath melt. I have never used one of them before and was pretty much convinced to buy one when I picked it up and ended up with glitter all over my hands. As it strange as it sounds it made my bath so lovely and 'soft' (if that makes sense) and when I got out not only was my skin amazingly soft, I was also covered from head to toe in glitter that I rapidly started to shed all over the house. I really recommend them for fellow dry skin sufferers, plus they're just over £2. Bargain.

Gary is yet to use his Experimenter and unless he hurries up soon I'm going to have to take it as I already need to get another Lush fix soon.

What's your favourite Lush product?