A weekend break in Nice (in pictures)

British Airways Flights to Nice

Going on holiday has been something I have been moaning about for a while. I have all the plans in the world for beach breaks, city breaks and adventure holidays (I've ALWAYS wanted to Skydive). I have never had the funds before but now I have a "grown up job" and a boyfriend who also has a "grown up job" and also an eye for a good deal, I finally got to go on a plane and go to another country. I don't think you'll quite understand how exciting this was for me.

After a while of me getting grumpy and lots of 'it'll be too cold' whining whenever poor Gary suggested something, we finally found an amazing deal in Nice and I started counting down the days immediately.

We arrived to early to check in our rooms but the lovely hotel staff let us lock our bags away and we spent our first couple of hours on the beach with holiday beer. which is always the best decision to make when you're on holiday.

We didn't go for the fanciest hotel in the world as we wanted to keep this as budget friendly as possible (didn't really work in the long run...) but it had it's own little quirks. When we could check in we were given different keys so we could go and pick our own room which isn't something you'd get everywhere.

Although it was a given that we would spend the majority of our time attempting to tan on the beach, we still took time to explore. I particularly loved the Old Town where we found the flower market and a place that sells the most amazing Crepes I have ever had. No word of a lie.

Nice is an absolutely beautiful place, even at night. The whole place seems to come to life in a completely different way and I wanted to constantly explore. Sadly there just wasn't enough time and before I knew it, it was time to go home :-(.

We did go about a month ago but due to work and general life I haven't really had the time to rave about it. I'm still not quite over how much fun I had and already cannot wait until the next one!

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  1. Lovely post and it's making me jealous as in ten weeks I'm off to Nice too so any recommendations are more than welcome.

    Fiona (@WishHopeDreams) xx


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