Naughty Ghost Tour of London

Naughty Ghost Tour of London

Cross Bones Graveyard London

I love a good walking tour now, it's something I never would have thought I would enjoy but I have been on a couple now! Previously I have done the Jack the Ripper walking tour and the Sherlock walking tour and they were both all levels of amazing. Even with the exercise.

As I have mentioned and you're all now fully aware, I am a massive wuss but can't seem to stop myself from getting involved with 'scary things' and still insist on watching horror movies. Maybe it's like a whole self destructive thing, either way I can't stop myself so when I was invited to do the Naughty Ghost Tour of London, I automatically said 'yes'.

The tour was organised by Best LDN tours, who arranged the Sherlock one I went on a couple of months ago, so based on previous experience I knew it would be a good night. It was made even better when Charlie, Distracted and I (my go to blogger event buddy) met up with Little Miss Katy and Leanne from Broke in the Big Smoke... It was DEFINITELY going to be a good night, with an inevitable hangover the next day. (Go here for Little Miss Katy's wonderful words of wisdom on how to cure one)

We started off the tour at the Crossbones Graveyard for the Outcast Dead, final resting place for criminals and prostitutes (oh my). To this day people come to the graveyard to leave little memories for those who rest here and to remember those who they have lost.

Our tour guide went out of our way to try and connect us with the supernatural. Using dowsing rods to communicate with those at rest at the Crossbones as multiple sightings have happened over the years. I really didn't wan to use the dowsing rods and got really freaked out when they moved. We also offered the spirits some red wine (sneaky bottle in my bag) but it turns out the spirit we were communicating with preferred Rum... the hashtag #GhostsLikeRedWine (but prefer rum) was born.

Cross Bones Grave Yard London
Speaking to spirits with dowsing rods

Our tour took us down some of the main streets and some of the back streets of the London Bridge/Borough area. We learnt where one of the firsts surgical theatres stood, the history behind the Clink prison and were told stories of the girl who lost her love and her father, joined a nunnery (which then become Southwark Cathedral) and still 'haunts' the area after her death. We played with a Black Mirror to see Spirits (I obviously freaked out) and even learnt some naughty facts. Did you know that the reason there's a little street called Cardinal Cap Alley because a Cardinal spent a moment with a 'lady of the night' and left his cap behind!

Naughty, naughty Cardinal

We visited some of my favourite areas of south London, visited old film locations and even shared some of our most random London facts; They rebuilt the Globe in the wrong place, there's a theatre that predates the Globe, discovered during construction works in the 80s, and how some of the bollards along the river are actually old cannons. Who'da thunk it?

The Golden Hinde Boat
The Golden Hinde - one of my favourite places in London

Pubs on the thames
The Anchor Pub - one of the oldest in London
As can be expected following a meetup with the girls our evening concluded with more red wine and Sangria in a 'cheeky Nandos' where we proceeded to discuss our own 'encounters' and belief in the Spirit World. Whether or not this sounds like your kinda thing, don't be fooled and think it's only about ghosts, it shows a history into our beloved capital that you wouldn't even consider. I recommend it for all because not only is it interesting as hell, the tour guides are wonderful and make the whole thing a funny and enjoyable experience, as can be expected from Best LDN walks.

Have you ever been on a Ghost Tour?

Upcycling with Currys and the Old School Club

Upcycling with Currys and the Old School Club

Upcycling is something I have wanted to try for ages. I have a couple of pieces of furniture that need a bit of love and I keep seeing people's amazing creations online which always spark inspiration but I really don't have the talent.

This was the second upcycling event Curry's had held with bloggers recently. I was upset when I missed the last one while on holiday.

I had never heard of the Old School Club before and I very rarely go South of the River so I ended up walking past it multiple times. Idiot. Once I was in there though it was like a crafts wonderland, full of beautiful fabric, upcycled furniture, yarn and so much more. Pretty much heaven.

Now, being able to upcycle a washing machine drum is something I would never have thought was possible. I'm not the most techy person so I always thought the drum was attached to the machine for life... Also, what could you possibly make with a washing machine drum? It's not everyday you're presented with a challenge like this but it turns out there are quite a few things you can do with one.

We were all asked to choose between upholstered foot stools, coffee tables or lamps. After thinking about how much stuff I have in my flat, I knew a footstool/table really wouldn't be the best option as I really don't have the space. A lamp it was and I started on my design after a quick look of the materials we had to use.

Oh dear God is my design hilarious. This is seriously the extent of my creative talents.

I mean, come on, what even is that? In my sheer panic to fill up space on the paper I even forgot how to spell 'grey'. *face palm*

If you can't see from my oh so very detailed plans, I aimed to make a table lamp. Lord knows why as it turns out washing machine drums are huge. Still, I like a challenge and was too stubborn to change my mind.

I wanted to create a mash up of textures and colours and was pointed in the direction of the most wonderful fabrics in the world. I chose a red velvet thing and really entertained myself with a glue gun after many a discussion over how my idea would work. Also, FYI, I shouldn't be allowed to use a glue gun. They're messy.

I went for a clashing colour for the shade itself and chose a colour to match the coffee table it would live on. I really didn't do the neatest job on it. It has random patches and straight lines but it's really the extent of my artistic ability. That and stick men. Oh, and the aforementioned 'design'.

Ahhh, the finished product. I do love it. Although getting it from Battersea to East Finchley was the biggest challenge. I may have done my back in and have to keep my Oyster Card in the top of it so the lovely tube people could let me in and out, but it was totally worth it.

What do you think of my lamp? Beautiful, strange or complete and utter failure?

Things I learnt in Nice

Things I learnt in Nice

Going on holiday is always an adventure. Even though I had been to the South of France before (many times actually), I love how I'm always amazed by simple things and can learn new things every day you're there.

This isn't one of those posts though! Just an overview of things I have learnt as an adult on pretty much my first grown up holiday. Little things you realise about being 'the foreigner', the tourist who annoys you when you're back home.

1.  Learn a little of the language

I studied French for A-Level. I wasn't very good at it and forgot most of it. However, I spent a couple of weeks prior to the holiday catching up using Apps such as Duolingo and it was surprising how much I remembered. This was extremely helpful while away and my boyfriend's input was pretty much 'bonjour', 'deux' and 'merci'. A lot of people away will speak English but it's always polite to have a go and not be that person who points at things and pretty much shouts what they want. Really. Slowly. 

I was also randomly approached by an old lady who didn't speak English and wanted to have a little conversation. I shocked myself when I managed to hold one! (To be fair, it was pretty much about the weather...)

2. You will not have enough money

Well, you might but you need to budget. And this time your parents can't do it for you. We took enough to get through the holiday and I thought we would have more left than we did. It was a shock when I realised exactly how much we had spent when it came to the last day. We had a wonderful time and didn't run out but we know that for next time we need to be a little more cautious.

3. Most of your money will go on food

This is pretty much a standard really and it wasn't until the last day that we noticed the Carrefour really close to our hotel. Annoyingly that was a Sunday so it was closed for most of the day. We ended up having breakfast in the hotel, thinking it would be the cheapest option as we got a half price discount for flying with British Airways, bought lunch while out, bought beer on the beach, and had dinner out every night. It all adds up! And when you don't really know much about the area a lot of people will tend to go for the easiest option.

For our next holiday we'll definitely be preparing breakfast and lunch with essentials from the local supermarkets as it would save a little more money.

4. Speak to the locals

They know their stuff and you know it. Need suggestions on where to go for food? Ask the bar man/lady serving you, want to find awesome ice cream? Ask the lady selling flowers. These people are a fountain of knowledge and you'll find so much more than what your guide book tells you.

5. Get lost

Although it might seem scary getting lost in a strange place, it's actually kinda wonderful. We didn't really get lost in Nice except for walking down the wrong street occasionally but every second was amazing and you'll never know what you will find. 

Do you have any holiday tips?

A weekend break in Nice (in pictures)

A weekend break in Nice (in pictures)

British Airways Flights to Nice

Going on holiday has been something I have been moaning about for a while. I have all the plans in the world for beach breaks, city breaks and adventure holidays (I've ALWAYS wanted to Skydive). I have never had the funds before but now I have a "grown up job" and a boyfriend who also has a "grown up job" and also an eye for a good deal, I finally got to go on a plane and go to another country. I don't think you'll quite understand how exciting this was for me.

After a while of me getting grumpy and lots of 'it'll be too cold' whining whenever poor Gary suggested something, we finally found an amazing deal in Nice and I started counting down the days immediately.

We arrived to early to check in our rooms but the lovely hotel staff let us lock our bags away and we spent our first couple of hours on the beach with holiday beer. which is always the best decision to make when you're on holiday.

We didn't go for the fanciest hotel in the world as we wanted to keep this as budget friendly as possible (didn't really work in the long run...) but it had it's own little quirks. When we could check in we were given different keys so we could go and pick our own room which isn't something you'd get everywhere.

Although it was a given that we would spend the majority of our time attempting to tan on the beach, we still took time to explore. I particularly loved the Old Town where we found the flower market and a place that sells the most amazing Crepes I have ever had. No word of a lie.

Nice is an absolutely beautiful place, even at night. The whole place seems to come to life in a completely different way and I wanted to constantly explore. Sadly there just wasn't enough time and before I knew it, it was time to go home :-(.

We did go about a month ago but due to work and general life I haven't really had the time to rave about it. I'm still not quite over how much fun I had and already cannot wait until the next one!