Savage Beauty - The Alexander McQueen Exhibition at the V&A

Savage Beauty V&A

During my teenage years I wasn't interested in fashion and never believed I would be. Never wanting to fit into the 'mainstream' world and didn't want people telling me what I should wear. Over the years this has drastically changed. I follow a variety of fashion bloggers, I read Vogue and I look forward to seeing all the latest trends at Fashion Week every year. I also obviously have a bunch of high end 'classics' that I am constantly lusting over and once I can afford one I will see it as an achievement as well as an investment.

Alexander McQueen is one of the few designers that I am genuinely passionate about. I said to Charlie, Distracted that I sometimes wish I could turn back the clock to see some of his collections first time round. It was only in my second year of university that I started to pay attention and fell in love.

Savage Beauty is the exhibition and celebration of Alexander McQueen's greatest work from the potentially attainable to the absolutely mentally unattainable that you can only stare in complete wonder at. Whether you're a fashion buff or not I strongly believe it's something you should see. Alexander McQueen broke the boundaries of fashion in such a way that he created wearable art. He focused on more than just the dress, it was all about the dress as it moved, a water colour effect rippling through a variety of dimensions.

No. 13 dress Alexander McQueen

Through the exhibition you're also transported to feeling like you're seeing the show itself. From the spinning No. 13 dress created as a paint splatter on a blank canvass to the holographic Kate Moss dress... which we watched TWICE purely because it was so spectacular. Seriously, watch it.

In one room alone, we just sat there for about half an hour (no lie) because I for one was scared to miss anything. Afraid to skip over one of the tiniest details such as the hand painted feathers that made up the butterfly hat...

Alexander McQueen butterfly hat

My favourite part was seeing the Widows of Culloden collection where McQueen embraced his Scottish heritage showcasing the true beauty of Tartan and lace with the contrasting Girl who Lived in the Tree collection on the opposite side of the room which was pure fantasy and splendour.

Alexander McQueen Widows of Culloden

The girl who lived in the tree

I could go on and natter at you like a fan girl over the inspiration for a catwalk show being based on the chess scene in Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone and how it felt to see THAT feather dress in person but to be honest, I really can't do the exhibition justice. Alexander McQueen made fashion more than just an expectation and more than just something that will sell. Just go and see why.

All images have been ruthlessly stolen from Google Images as photography was not allowed.


  1. I'm going to see this tomorrow, can't wait!

  2. Oh my goodness I wish I had been able to go this, stunning work, stunning man. Fabulous post Xx


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