The Voices movie review

I'm not entirely sure what happened... I'm still trying to work it out.

When I was invited to a screening of The Voices earlier this week I intentionally decided to not do any research, I didn't even want to watch the trailer purely because I wanted to be surprised.

With a title of The Voices and the fact that Anna Kendrick (who I LOVE) was in it, I stupidly assumed it would be some variety of romantic comedy with singing. I was very very wrong. It's more like a black comedy with a hell of a lot of blood and a quite frightening Ryan Reynolds.

The Vocies Movie Poster
To be honest, I should have been able to tell by the poster
I haven't seen Ryan Reynolds in a role where he wasn't playing the pretty boy in a romantic comedy so I was shocked and disturbed to see him play some one who, to be honest, was a complete and utter psycho. It didn't seem quite real and the fact he could talk to his pets made it all the more wrong and difficult to comprehend. However, mixing that with the kind of naive innocent elements he brought to the role, I didn't know whether I was scared of him or felt sorry for him.

When it came to the comedy side of things, most of it came from the cat Mr Whiskers and his terrible Scottish accent (voiced by Mr Reynolds). His ultra-sadistic wit is definitely my kind of comedy and my delightful boyfriend thinks the only way to describe him is as a C U Next Tuesday. Yeah, I see that.

Gemma Arterton's character Fiona annoyed the living hell out of me and it's not the best role for the wonderful Miss Kendrick but over all I thought it was pretty good. I loved this whole, often invisible, line between reality and Jerry's (Ryan Reynolds) own illusions. This is possibly why I got so confused... Is Mr Whiskers real?? Who the Hell even knows?! Did he feed his pets the bodies of his victims? Why is everything so shiny all the time?

Visually it was stunning, I just felt like it lacked something but it's not like I'd never watch it again. Check out the trailer and , if you're prepared to be confused and disturbed, it's out this Friday (20th March)


  1. It sounds interesting, something I think I would definitely like to see.

  2. Interesting! I haven't heard of this film before but I'm intrigued now! xx

    1. I hadn't heard of it either but it was quite good.


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