SpecsPost: Trying out new glasses

New glasses have seemed but a dream for a long time now. I have needed glasses since I was about 4 and as a result I have become a bit of a snob and always fall for brand names and beautiful yet expensive frames that are way out of my price range (sorry Tiffany).

Annoyingly I have needed a new pair of glasses for about a year as I have a new prescription and my current pair give me headaches. I never thought I'd be able to save money and still get nice glasses if I ordered them online.

A friend of mine referred me to SpecsPost a while ago and when I saw the prices I thought I might as well give them ago - no need to make my eyes suffer any longer. There's no excuse.

As a person with a tiny head it's always a struggle to find frames that fit me. Pain in the backside really as a lot of the time I have to put up with them being too wide or have to resort to the kids section which is a tad embarrassing when you're 26 (buying kids clothes however is an entirely different scenario). SpecsPost have a petite range though which is a whole new revelation to me.

specs post order glasses online

I got to try three pairs at home for free so chose a range of sizes and shapes just to see what suits me best, all them very different to these beautiful Lu Lu Guinness ones I have had for about 4 years now.

Lu Lu Guinness glasses
My current Lu Lu Guinness specs. I'll probably just get new lenses in these anyway
 When I was younger and was going through that kind of 'alternative' stage, rectangle thick frame glasses were very 'in' and I used to wear them all the time so I thought I'd give them another go but trying out different colours. As I'm still a little bit odd I went for pink as I have never had brightly coloured glasses before.

I like the shape but I'm not particularly sure about the colour...

Specspost rectangle glasses online
A friend of mine says 'The bigger the frames, the better' and ridiculously huge glasses, or 'Hipster Glasses' if you prefer, have never been on my agenda. But why not? They're worth a try!

I have some people with equally tiny faces get away with them... but they don't really work on me I'm afraid. (Also holding down the glasses because the dummy pair were a bit wonky. This isn't a random attempt at a pose!)
Specs Post big frame glasses
Oh Jesus. #ReallyAwkwardFace
I'm not really sure how to describe these glasses but they're definitely my favourite out of the lot and have had a much better response from my boyfriend than the other two.

You can't really tell from the picture, thanks to the poor light in my bedroom, but they're a really deep shade of purple and I love the random detail on the corner of the frames so I think I'll be sending these off for a new prescription!
I love how my face looks EXACTLY the same in most of these pictures...
Ordering glasses online is clearly a lot easier than I thought it would be and considering you can get some nice frames for a really good price including prescription, I'll definitely be taking a look for more new ones to make sure I always have a choice.

What do you think? Have I made the right choice? 

*SpecsPost have been kind enough to send me my favourite pair for free but all views in this post are my own


  1. Those are all super glasses - you clearly suit them. I wish glasses weren't as expensive as they are, they shouldn't be, as they are needed, but alas... #ukbloggers

    1. You should definitely look at Specs Post then, there are even frames (and lenses) available for £20!

  2. I like the last ones best, but the pink ones are nice too!

  3. I think the shape of the last ones suit you the best. I do love Lulu Guinness as a brand though x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. My contact there just told me they do a re-glazing service too so I could get my new prescription put in them for £20! I'll definitely be doing that too. Just need to remember where I put my prescription...

  4. The last ones remind me oh so slightly of the ones Rita Skeeter wears! Not sure why. Do you see it? TELL ME YOU SEE IT!

    1. Oh my God, I totally see it. Just need a quick quotes quill...

  5. I like the last ones the best - a new pair of glasses is on my to-do list! x

  6. I've just nominated you for the versatile bloggers award, check out my post to find out the rules: http://aymielouise.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-versatile-blogger-award.html Love your blog btw! xx

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