What I wore: I let my boyfriend dress me

I have been feeling very uninspired by my wardrobe recently. I have pretty much become this:

I'm sure you've all been there too.

In an attempt to resist the urge to buy more things I thought it would be fun to give my boyfriend full reign over what I wear to work for a week (as I pretty much spend weekends in my pyjamas).

On the first day he pretty much just went for something that I would generally wear anyway but as the week went on it completely changed.

Day 1

Tartan Dress
Scarf doesn't really go with the dress... 
Doctor Who Lunchbox
Awkward smile and all the colours
Other then the scarf that really doesn't go with the dress or the coat, this is actually an outfit I wear on a regular basis. Not really all that adventurous. I did however remind him that it's pretty cold and may need a cardigan to help me with the constant battle with the office air conditioning!

Day 2

I'm blue da be dee da ba dai
Not sure about the coat...
Now this outfit I really wasn't sure about purely because it felt like there was a blue overload. However I got a lot of compliments around the office, even from people I didn't know so I guess that means he did good! However, heels two days in a row was a killer!

I haven't worn this skirt in a long time so it was nice to rediscover it and not leave it at the bottom of a draw until it's completely forgotten!

Day 3

This was my most comfortable outfit because we were going to see the Kaiser Chiefs straight after work. Although I wear a lot of these pieces, I would never combine them. Especially an over sized t-shirt with a checked shirt. Apparently I can pull it off though.

Gary also said that my accessory for this outfit was my copy of 'The Half Blood Prince' and didn't even end up taking a bag!

Day 4

vintage dog tooth skirt

Red Cape

The night before I had decided to go for monochrome striped nails which Gary used as his inspiration and I had a new business pitch so had to look reasonably smart.

I got this skirt in a vintage shop a couple of years ago and have probably only worn it three times because I don't really have many things it goes with it and I think the last time I wore a time was back in secondary school when it was mandatory but I think the two combined work really well.

Worried I looked a little too grey, Gary treated me to a splash of colour with my vintage cape and Nightmare Before Christmas lunchbox as my bag. I think this is my favourite outfit of the week and received the most comments from my colleagues.

Day 5 

peplum top New Look

Doctor Who Jewellery

And then we reached the last day. After the previous Monochrome day it was nice to be given a load of colour.

The top is, again, something I rarely where and when I do it's usually with a skirt for a night out and never for a day in the office. It works really nicely with my burgundy trousers which I never thought would happen. Maybe he does have some taste!

My accessory with this was my 50th Anniversary Doctor Who necklace, chosen intentionally because he wanted 'to make it look like the TARDIS was flying through space'.

Overall I'm very impressed with his efforts and will definitely be asking for his advice more often rather than just dismissing basically every item of clothing I have!

How do you think he did? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: Due to the popularity of this post I have decided to make this a tag just to see what happens, whether you let your partner/sibling/flatmate or child dress you even just for a day or two. Up to you! If you do it though please send me links :-)

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  1. AJ you're a brave woman!! I'm super impressed with Gary's vision- day 2 is my fav of the week, also love that your accessory for day 3 was Harry Potter book!!! Sylvie

    1. I was a little frightened at first but he proved me wrong Sylvie!

      Harry Potter books make the best accessories :-p

  2. He did so well!! Days two and four are both fab, and I think the scarf goes with the dress in the first one!

    1. You love a good pattern clash! Gary will be very happy you think he did so well.

  3. Very brave but you look so awesome!! I might have to try this.. hahah xxx

  4. I love this - I think day two is my favourite!! I don't know if I'd trust my boyfriend in my wardrobe haha...

    Jess xo

    1. Everyone seems to be loving day two!

      You never know, he might surprise you!

  5. This is a really cute idea! My boyfriend is always giving me style tips - he actually has a really good eye.

    I'd love to see the comparison of how you would have worn the outfit versus what he chose :-) xx

    1. That's a very good idea!! We have toyed with the idea of getting him to do my hair for a week too

  6. Replies
    1. It was LOADS of fun Kariss. This week we've swapped roles and I'm dressing him. A lot harder than dressing me because all of his clothes are pretty much the same!

  7. So happy that my choices seem to have been well received. Even more pleased that day 2 is getting a lot of love. Look forward to seeing how other peoples partners do.

  8. Hahaha what a god idea and he did a cracking job! Very impressed, but I'd dread to think what my man would do...eeek! xx

    1. You never know Emma, the man could surprise you. Mine did!

  9. Love this idea! I think I can already predict what my other half would pick though.

    1. Ha ha. If you can predict it, do you think it would be good or bad?

  10. Haha this is such a fun idea, and I love that the Tardis is in space! :)

  11. Just discovered your blog and I LOVE this post! My favorites are Day 3 (super comfy and adorable) and Day 5 (rocker chic, plus I love the rationale behind the necklace), but I think you look lovely in all of the outfits :) Good job, Gary!

  12. Just discovered your blog and I LOVE this post! My favorites are Day 3 (super comfy and adorable) and Day 5 (rocker chic, plus I love the rationale behind the necklace), but I think you look lovely in all of the outfits :) Good job, Gary!

    1. Thanks lovely!! He did do a good job, it took me by surprise!

  13. Superb! TARDIS flying through space - and what would be a very functional "companion" outfit overall.

  14. Number 5 is definitely my favourite outfit he chose for you. I might have go at this tag on my blog if I can get my boyfriend on board lol.
    Kim | chimmyville.co.uk


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