The TMI tag

Birthday present - Has no relevance to the post but it needed more pictures!
I do love a good tag! They're a great way of getting to know more about your favourite bloggers and although I don't do every one I have been tagged in, I always do the interesting ones.

This morning I was tagged by That Gent Mark to do the TMI tag and it was a little intense. He says there were 50 questions (although he missed out two :-p) so I've had to put together 48 answers very quickly and it was a lot more difficult than you might think!

So here we go, try not to judge me.

1. What are you wearing?

I have started a little challenge for the purpose of blogging where I let my boyfriend choose all my outfits for a week. After day one I am currently wearing white jeans (in February) and a cat t-shirt. I decided to add a cardigan and my velvet Irregular Choice loafers though.

2. Ever been in love?


3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

More than one!

4. How tall are you?

4'11". Please don't laugh.

5. How much do you weigh?

Last time I checked it was nearly 7 stone.

6. Any tattoos?

I have seven! Although one is far from complete as it requires funds I do not have but I'm still already planning more?

I have a butterfly on my left shoulder, song lyrics on my hip, stars on my wrist, a tribal thing on my lower back (tramp stamp FTW), Oscar Wilde's 'The Nightingale and the Rose' on my ribs, a sugar skull on the inside of my upper arm and the beginning of my Alice in Wonderland piece which is the Cheshire Cat on the base of my neck. You can see these last three here.

7. Any piercings?

Yup, all up my ears, my tragus and my lip. I very rarely wear earrings though.

8. OTP

Do Amy and Rory from Doctor Who count?

Image Source: Google Images

9. Favourite show?

At the moments it's possibly a toss up between Game of Thrones and RuPaul's Drag Race although I can watch Black Books, Spaced and Green Wing repeatedly without getting bored of it.

10. Favourite Bands?

Nine Inch Nails, AFI and Dresden Dolls (or Amanda Palmer as a whole). Didn't even need to think about that.

11. Something you miss?

Being in an Orchestra. I keep saying I'll join another one but I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be and am scared people will think I'm rubbish and take the Michael.

12. What's your Zodiac Sign?

I'm a Scorpio. Apparently this means I'm very loyal but have a short temper and can definitely hold a grudge. Oddly accurate...

13. What's a quality you look for in a partner?

Definitely humour and loyalty. I know this second one is a little hard to spot but I've had my heart broken too many times.

14. What's your favourite quote?

"Never love someone who treats you like you're ordinary" - totally true, why should I let myself believe you're special and important when it's not returned?

15. Who's your favourite actor?

My current favourites are Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch. Both are spectacular AND hot. However, I have love Vivien Leigh for as long as I can remember.

16. What's your favourite colour?

"Blue... no... aaaaargh!"

Actually it's purple but I wear blue alot.

17. Loud music or soft?

More often than not it's definitely LOUD

18. Where do you go when you're sad?

This depends on the level of sad and whether there's anyone around. Usually if I'm sad I'll either cuddle Gary or go and see Charlie. If I'm so sad I can't cope I'll curl up in a ball in a corner somewhere and read.

19. How long does it take you to shower?

On average about 15-20 minutes but I could happily be in there for about half an hour.

20. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Well, this all depends on whether I wake up (I'm not very good at this) and how long I take in the shower. During the week It's probably about 40 minutes once I've braved leaving my duvet burrito.

21. Ever been in a fight?

More than one! I was bullied at school so have taken my fair share of punches and slaps.

22. Turn on?

Humour and kindness

23. Turn off?

Bad grammar, double negatives, not reading and generally being mean.

24. The reason I started blogging?

It started out as my journey looking for a job in the film industry after I had graduated from university. That totally didn't happen so it evolved to what it is today/

25. What are your fears?

Beans, majority if insects, spiders, THE DARK and being alone. There are loads more but these are the main ones.

26. What's the last thing that made you cry?

Last night Gary made me watch a video showing all of Harry Potter from pretty much Snape's story line. It was emotionally traumatising. I LOVE YOU SNAPE!

Sobs uncontrollably onto desk

27. When's last time you said 'I love you'?

This morning before we both went to work. I always make a point of saying 'I love you' before you part ways with important people even if you're pissed off. You never know what could happen but if something were to happen then at least you know the last thing you said was 'I love you'. I get this off my mum.

28. What's the meaning behind your blog name?

This is another film thing to represent how many obstacles you can go through before you get a job in the industry. It's not really relevant now and have been thinking of changing it.

29. What's the last book you read?

Dreams and Shadows. It wasn't that great and I wrote a mini review here.

30. What are you currently reading?

I haven't picked anything else up yet as I have rediscovered my Nintendo DS and am busy playing Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

31. What's the last show you watched?

Gary's got me obsessed with the News Room. It's awesome.

32. Who's the last person you talked to?

My colleague about nail art.

33. The relationship between you and the last person you text?

My best friend.

Charlie and I after our Christmas movie all nighter!

34. What's your favourite food?

I have no idea! I eat curry a lot...

35. Place you want to visit?

There are so many but I have wanted to go to Japan for years.

36. Where's the last place you visited?

Well, I'm at work at the moment but if these means the last place you went on holiday then it's the Falkland Islands in 2012 and Barcelona in 2009-ish. I need a holiday.

I took this when I was in the Falklands - how cool is that?

37. Do you have a crush?

I'm in a very happy relationship right now so only celebrity crushes. Trent Reznor and Benedict Cumberbatch are top of the list.

38. Last time you kissed someone?

This morning before we both went to work.

39. Last time you were insulted?

If this is genuinely insulted then it was two weeks ago. On the mockery side of things then it happens regularly and was probably yesterday.

40. What's your favourite flavour of sweet?

Anything apple! Except Jelly Beans. They're wrong.

41. What instruments do you play? 

A couple but they're much neglected. I play the trumpet, piano, bass guitar and the ukulele. I've played the trumpet since I was nine.

42. What's your favourite piece of jewellery?

My Beauty and the Beast watch Gary got me for my birthday. I also adore my antique pocket watch my dad got me for my 21st but it needs to be repaired. I like watches :-)


43. What's the last sport you played?

HA! That's hilarious. If video games count then it's definitely trying to defeat that bloody giant chicken thing in Zelda.

44. What's the last song you sang?

I was singing along to the Eve of War from the War of the Worlds on my way into work this morning.

45. What's your favourite chat up line?

I have absolutely no idea!

46. Have you ever used it?

I don't think I have ever used a chat up line in my life.

47. When was the last time you hung out with someone?

Other than Gary it was Aymie from Aymie Louise on Sunday. I introduced her to British comedy :-D

48. Who should answer these questions next?

I nominate:

Charlie from Charlie, Distracted
Aymie from Aymie Louise
Lix from A Classic Notion
Katy from Little Miss Katy

And whoever else wants to... It is a lot of questions after all!


  1. So number 16...I have this exact argument with myself every time I'm asked this question! Number 23 the double negative thing, boils my blood! And I watched the Snape video yesterday and yeah all the feels :-(.
    Great blog, can't wait to keep reading x

    1. Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have a deal with my boyfriend where if he uses a double negative I'm allowed to punch him but recently he's beein doing it just to annoy me!

      Thanks lovely xx


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