House of Fraser shoes: My wish list

I have a bit of a problem with shoes. I don't know how many pairs I own and when I throw old pairs away I end up buying more to replace them. However, other than my obscene Irregular Choice and Ted Baker obsession, a lot of my shoes tend to be little cheap things from high street stores that never really last for that long. I need to start investing in shoes that are a little more expensive but won't end up looking like crap by the end of the year.

irregular choice shoes, Vivienne Westwood shoes, Ted Baker shoes
My shoe collection... This is only the beginning. THERE ARE MORE!

This doesn't mean I have to spend hundreds of pounds though, there are plenty of places where even just spending £10 extra will get you something of a much higher quality.

At House of Fraser, there is such a  huge collection of so many styles and brands that I could happily spend hours scrolling through their website. After a mini lunch time session of virtual window shopping I've managed to find a bunch of pairs that would totally 'complete' my shoe collection...


Boots are one of the things that I don't have nearly enough of. In fact, there what I'm more guilty of when it comes to choosing price over quality. I bought a pair for less than £20 in December and I already need to replace them.

Boots are so versatile and can be worn throughout the seasons (obviously depending on the style). Ankle boots are by far my favourite and I love wearing them with dresses and skirts as they make more of a statement and can even tone down a more formal look. I have been after a heavier 'more heavy duty looking' pair to contrast with the many floral dresses I own so I can still wear them in the winter with tights. These Head over Heels Parody boots pretty much cover all basis, plus they're only £30 so they're still not breaking the bank.

House of Fraser Boots
Head over Heels Parody. Image Source: House of Fraser website


Aah, sandals. I don't have nearly enough of them, both the flat and heeled varieties. In fact, I have had the same pair of sandals for six years! My main problem with sandals is that I hate my feet and hate the idea of having them on display. After a lot of trial and error in many a shoe shop I believe gladiator style sandals will be best for me. 

These Head over Heels Corfu Caged sandals would definitely work as they'll cover my feet more and they come in black too. They're also currently in the sale for £31 and if my last pair of sandals cost £10 and lasted for six years, I don't think that's too bad!

House of Fraser Sandals
Head over Heels Corfu. Image Source: House of Fraser website

And as for the heeled variety? Pretty sure I need these Office Siren Platforms in my life.

House of Fraser shoes
Office Siren Platforms. Image Source: House of Fraser website


I'm convinced brogues are a trend that will never die. I have a couple of pairs and was heartbroken when my Melissa ones broke a few months ago. I refuse to throw them away though because I am convinced they can be saved!

I pretty much live in brogues these days so I'm always looking for a chance to grow my collection. They're so comfortable and they go with anything!

Floral dress with brogues, New Look brogues, New Look shoes
See! Floral dress with brogues.
One of the bonuses of House of Fraser is they stock a bunch of my favourite brands and I spotted these Gent Block Heeled brogues from Office. They're affordable, will go with pretty much everything I own and come in two colours. #Win

House of Fraser shoes
Office Gent Block Heel. Image Source: House of Fraser website

And to replae my old Melissa pair, these flats from Dune are exactly the same colour and look extremely comfortable.

Dune Brogues
Dune Leslee Brogues. Image source: House of Fraser website

Court shoes

Heels and court shoes are where my shoe obsession escalates out of control. I even own sitting down shoes (shoes so high you can only walk in them for a limited amount of time) and over the past year nude heels have become a bit of a weakness.

I found these Miss KG Carrie nude, snake skin-esque which make them a bit more of a statement rather than your basic nude shoe. At £49 in their sale, they also fit into my 'lovely quality shoes on a budget' theme too!

House of Fraser shoes, Kurt Geiger
Miss KG Carrie heeled courts. Image source: House of Fraser website

These Carvela heels are also a bit of a statement pair because of the detailing and they're in the sale. Who could honestly say no to a pair of Carvela shoes for £69? A mad woman, I tell you!

House of Fraser Carvela Shoes
Carvela Gallery High Heels. Image Source: House of Fraser website

But at the same time I saw these blue Ted Baker heels and I can already hear my bank account crying.

House of Fraser Ted Baker shoes
Ted Baker Monirra. Image Source: House of Fraser website

Me right now:

You can see the full House of Fraser show range here and they have a bunch load of bags here too.

What's on your wish list at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

*This was a sponsored post but all views are my own


  1. Oh man those Office brogues only have my size left! Must...restrain...self....

    1. DAMN IT! That means my size is gone :-( (unless you're a three???)


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