The Prince Charles Cinema Christmas Pyjama Party

Live in London? A movie buff? Been to the Prince Charles Cinema? What do you mean no?? Go and sort your life out!

As always, there was a brilliant sign
Okay, that may have been a bit aggressive but seriously you have no idea what you're missing out on. Until you've done it, someone saying they're going to spend ALL night in a cinema sounds a bit mental and in all honesty it is, it's just awesome at the same time.

A while ago, Charlie, Distracted and I went to the first ever Pyjama Party at the Prince Charles Cinema and we didn't make it to the end. This year we vowed that we would and could proudly stand in the survivors photo out the front of the cinema. Plus we had the joys of sending countdown snapchats to my boyfriend where you could see us get steadily more tired as the night went on.

For the Christmas Pyjama Party we watched (in this order); Home Alone, A Muppets Christmas Carol, Scrooged, Gremlins, Die Hard and Elf. What I love most about marathons at the PCC are that they're so engaging. Everyone's encouraged to wear their pyjamas (some obviously don't), called up on stage, quote and sing along without people judging you or telling you to shut up. You could recognise the seasoned Pyjama Party go-ers from the 'virgins' based on the number of snacks and sleep wear they brought with them. Let's face it, when you're going to spend 12 hours in a cinema seat, jeans are a no and you MUST have a sleeping bag.

I got home at 10 am the next day and forced myself to stay awake until a more reasonable bed time in order to not screw up my sleep patterns. The Monday following was hell.

Here's our survival selfie. Shocked to see we look surprisingly perky despite feeling like we were dying.

Have you ever survived an all-nighter at the cinema before?


  1. That's SUCH a cool idea!!! Definitely checking this out :D do they do them very often? xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. They do and they're so much fun! You should check out their sing-a-longs too!!


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