Nails Inc Haul

I have a serious obsession with nail polish, it's a little worrying how many I have. The weird thing is, I lack autumn and winter shades. Everything seems to be pastels or bright colours that I use for nail art. I managed to sort it out though with my recent Nails Inc delivery.

Alexa Edit

Some of you may have already noticed Alexa Chung has done a range with Nails Inc and some of the shades are wonderful. Yes, I know some of them are pastels but a combination of them really give off a Christmassy vibe.

I got her 'Hearts' collection (it comes with a clutch) and the first thing I did was use her 'Midnight Sky' with 'Hearts'.

I haven't worn something so dark for a while! Gary and I noticed that it was so dark that you only needed to apply one coat and still get really good coverage. I applied two out of habit and added the heart confetti to my ring finger as an accent nail.

I love these little hearts but did find them really annoying to apply purely because no matter how much a shook the bottle, the brush still kept coming out clear with no hearts on it. The look here was finally achieved using four coats!

After opening the packet, I saw that not only was there a new bottle design but there's also a new brush! I was really confused at first and didn't understand the concept of a rounded nail brush until I started using it and realised that because it's rounded and also really thin, I ended up with a lot less nail polish over my fingertips than usual because I could do all the little fiddly bits without worrying!

Winter Wonderland

Let's face it. This collection is all shades of Christmas. Like a magpie I can't resist anything glittery so I HAD to have Winter Wonderland. I have only used the red one on my toes at the moment (no way I'd inflict a photo of my feet upon you) and it took a couple of layers to get the look I wanted but it'll look perfect over the Alexa Midnight Sky.

After reigniting my love for Nails Inc, I'll definitely be back soon to get my hands on the new Victoria Beckham collection!

Have you tried the Alexa range from Nails Inc yet?


  1. I have the hearts polish and find it so annoying! Love the colours you've created though :) Lovely shades for the festive season! :)

    1. It was very frustrating but I'll keep giving it a go because I really love the effect!

      Thank you!


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