I had never heard of Mishanto before but I love how they're working hard to create affordable jewellery that's also quality. There's nothing worse than buying a beautiful piece of jewellery only to have it stain your skin green a couple of weeks later.

One of my favourite quotes from 2014 Is when my manager said 'I've been blinded by my own diamonds!' and although these weren't diamonds, it was pretty much the same thing.

One room in Aqua Nueva was reserved for the Mishanto launch and you couldn't look anywhere without something shiny catching your eye (again, I'm a magpie) and with torches everywhere you were able to see the purity of each stone. (The photos here really don't do the range justice as they were taken on my mobile!)

The Loris collection 
Talya earrings
The Cari collection
My favourites! The Talya collection necklaces
I even have my own Cari bracelet* now! Look how beautiful it is! I'll definitely be wearing this to the work Christmas party.

My goodie bag from the event.

Disclaimer: I had the bracelet sent to me in a goodie bag after the event

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