Dreams, heartbreak and Oscar Wilde

It seems silly that I could feel my heart shatter over such a trivial thing. I had one thing on my 'bucket list' and I have just found out that it's something I will never be able to achieve.

I have loved Oscar Wilde since I first read his collection of short stories as a child. I don't remember who bought it for me as I was tiny but I remember The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose being my favourite stories. For years I have wanted to show my admiration for my hero by following the footsteps of thousands of others in my own pilgrimage to kiss his grave in the most spectacular shade of red lipstick you could ever find.

Oscar Wilde's grave used to be covered in admiration such as the kind I wanted to give and used to look like this:

If you ask me, it's beautiful. I may be bias but this does not look like graffiti, nor has it been done to deface a grave. Each kiss is a life he has touched and for the better. After all, if he wasn't loved then why would people want to do this? Isn't it just the most spectacular way to show your affection for someone who is LONG gone?

I am a little behind the times I'm afraid and have recently discovered that his grave was made 'kiss proof' in 2011 and surrounded by a glass barrier after claims that the lipstick was eroding the stone and lead to frequent cleaning.

Again, possibly bias, but surely the constant cleaning would have caused more damage than the lipstick?

Oscar Wilde himself once said (along with all of his other genius remarks) 'Who, being loved, is poor?'. Driven out of the UK and living his last days basically destitute in Paris and having a paupers grave because no one could afford to bury him, Oscar Wilde was certainly poor in the materialistic sense. However now he is one of the richest men who ever lived and the thousands of red kiss marks certainly showed that.

It's a shame to see them gone and I'm sure Oscar Wilde wouldn't have wanted them to be washed away. I will find a way to show my love for him eternally in some way, for now I'll just have to hope that the barrier goes away.

What's at the top of your bucket list?


  1. Oh i Didn't know this, how disappointing :(


    1. It's really upsetting. I honestly felt a hole open up in my chest! In a way I understand why they did it (trying to be logical) but at the same time they have taken away the ultimate sign of appreciation.

  2. Oooh I didn't even know that was a thing. I LOVE the idea of the kisses on his grave! So silly to stop people doing it :( it's such a lovely gesture and the whole "it's eroding the stone" is such a rubbish excuse. I'm sure OW would rather have a broken down stone covered in love than a perfectly preserved rock with no feelings or emotions attached to it... xx

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