My Christmas list

The chances of me getting even half of this list are slim to none, maybe because some of them are a little too high up the price bracket and also because my boyfriend has a habit of ignoring gift lists. This has purely been written as a 'if money was no object' list with a couple of more realistic things thrown in there too!

1. A new slow cooker

My Aunty Karen bought me my first slow cooker back when I was living in a rubbish studio flat with no oven. It was ideal when I was living by myself but when I lived with Charlie, Distracted we had three of them! Also, now I'm living with my boyfriend and we make a lot of more substantial meals, my little 1.5L slow cooker isn't quite going to cut it any more. 

I love this 6.5L one by Andrew James. It's only £19.99 on Amazon so maybe I'll get lucky.

Andrew James Slow Cooker

2. Le Creuset soup bowls

I love cooking and as I do more of it I'd love to have some of the best quality stuff out there. I have started collecting Le Creuset and am currently the proud owner of a pie dish and an oval dish (this one is courtesy of our local charity shop!). I've been going for the Volcanic range as I like the idea of having a matching set and these soup pots are just too adorable. I cook a lot of winter warmers so these would be ideal, especially since (from experience) I know Le Creuset bowls keep your food nice and warm if you're a slow eater like me.

Plus, they're currently less than £30 for two on Amazon!
Le Crueset Soup bowls

If money were no object... I'd also have this... I'm sure it's worth £140...

3. Geeky t-shirt

This is a simple one and for those of you who know me, you know I've wanted to be ginger for years. *sigh* Also, Doctor Who for the win.

T-Shirt from Etsy

4. Ted Baker scarf

I love scarves and I love Ted Baker so obviously something like this would be in here. I actually have the t-shirt to match this (sale House of Fraser!) and it would go so well with my bag. Again, if money were no object.

Ted Baker Pretty Trees Scarf

5. A new sewing machine

I was really upset recently while, in the middle of taking up some curtains, I discovered that my sewing machine had given up on life. As a tiny person I need to start taking up and in my clothes more so they fit better and also I'd love to learn how to make dresses. I can't do either of these things without a sewing machine. I don't need the fanciest thing on the market, just something to get started with.

I quite like this one from John Lewis, it's bigger than my last one and has more settings so it would be a good one to improve my skills.

John Lewis JL 110 Sewing Machine 

What's on your Christmas list this year?

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