What's on my tree?

Yes our tree is already up. Yes it went up the day before December even started... don't you judge me!

I love Christmas and despite how tacky some of them can be, decorations are one of my favourite parts. There's nothing better than having the fairy lights on with a warm drink and one of those bad Christmas movies we can't help but love.

My boyfriend moved in earlier on in the year and even though he has a bunch of his childhood decorations, we didn't have anything for the tree. I wasn't too fussed by this because it meant we could buy some together which makes them even more special.

Our living room all lit up!
On our tree this year we've gone for silver, pink and blue but we also have two statement pieces. One is the new Ted Baker bauble Gary let me buy as a reward for Christmas shopping in Westfield, and the other is a memory star for Gary's dad and Gran who both passes away from cancer a few years ago.

I love having these two seemingly random pieces on our tree because they're beautiful and Gary's one adds something special.

What's on your tree?


  1. That room looks so festive! The tree looks lovely, and I like that amongst the decorations you have the sentimental star, such a loving touch.
    I'm following you back on Bloglovin and can't wait to see more posts!xxx
    Tasmin | www.grandiosedays.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Tasmin! My boyfriend put up my GIANT advent calendar for when I got back from work yesterday so it looks even more festive now! x

  2. My tree went up early too! Nothing wrong with it at all! haha love your colour scheme
    laviecece.blogspot.com xx


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