Getting ready for Christmas

Doing Blogmas is quite a commitment! One different post for every day in December, I hope I manage it!

Today's post is all about how I'm getting ready for Christmas, mainly in pictures - some you may have already seen as I've been a bit Instagram happy!

I think I'm more excited about this Christmas than I was last year so celebrations already started at the weekend, even though it wasn't even December! Christmas Shopping was officially underway and I was so excited that I insisted on wearing the most Christmassy outfit I could! Check me out!

Cardigan and skirt are both from the Primark Christmas range last year. My Nanna has the same cardigan.
On Sunday we went full whack, got up early (for me...) and ran down to get our Christmas tree. Gary was the poor sod who had to carry it home because this year we got one bigger than me!

Ignore Movember facial hair. It's all gone now!!

There we go! Number one done!
Are you doing Blogmas this year? Leave your links!


  1. awh I love your Christmas outfit, it's so cute and fesstive! I really look forward to the rest of blogmas :) x

    1. Thank you!! It was probably a little too early to wear something so festive but it made dealing with Westfield a little easier because it put me in a cheery mood!

  2. Aww your outfit is so adorable! I need to find a cute Christmas cardigan, as I prefer them to jumpers!
    Yay for Blogmas! ^__^ I aim to post as much as possible, but I never do well with challenges haha :D

    Jemma xx

    1. Ted Baker do the cutest ones I've seen but, you know, £££. Primark is the place to go, last year they sold leggings with Reindeer on them!!

      I'm rubbish with challenges too but I bulk wrote a couple last night and have planned all my topics for the next two weeks. This will NOT be another #100happydays, I WILL do this one!!

  3. I've always wanted a real Christmas tree. You're looking very Christmasy!

    Good luck with blogmas!

    Corinne x

    1. You should get one! They're surprisingly cheap, when we were picking ours there were some for £25 which isn't too bad.


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