Sheridan S/S15 collection

Fashion and trends are more then just the clothes we wear, it can influence everything including, as The Devil Wears Prada taught us all those years ago.

Home furnishings are obviously influenced by all the latest trends that appear but as I live in a rented home it's not like I can change my wallpaper or flooring every six months. Plus, I have made that big grown up step and am now living with my boyfriend *eep*. After two years of living with my best friend Charlie, Distracted, I'm still missing all the girly things cluttered around the house and proudly having our knitting/yarn collection on display.

Beautiful bed spread.
Sheridan are an Australian home brand that are now branching out in the UK and I managed to get a sneaky peak and what's coming next season. Key pieces include florals and pastels, everything we can expect from a S/S collection. However, the difference here is they appeared to be more 'classic'. A lot of the bed sets were reversible so it was possible to go for a more subtle design (more boyfriend friendly).

Potentially my favourite print

Sheridan seem to have spanned beyond more than just furnishings. There was a bunch of amazing lounge wear and despite it being aimed at women, it seemed unisex and my boyfriend would look really good in some of these jumpers, and I would probably steal them too.

These jumpers and shirts look so cosy

Like Monica from friends, I love bathroom gear and I also want 11 sets of bath towels, including 'fancy guest'... Everything here seemed to suit 'fancy guest'. Everything was really soft and their toiletries smelled so amazing, definitely something to add to the Christmas list.

The children's collection was possibly my favourite, I loved the bright colours and blankets and I'm pretty sure my bedroom would look complete with some of these cushions. What do you think of my new bird cushion* from the children's range? I've added it to my collection of cushions on my rocking chair!

* Disclaimer - I was given the cushion in a goodie bag from the preview. Photos don't do the range justice as I only had my mobile phone.

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