Product Review: 'It's Potent!'

It's really hard finding a good eye cream, they always claim to work miracles. I'm a sucker for these empty promises so it's taken quite a lot of trial and error.

Until recently I was using another eye cream and it was great for a while but as it's getting colder and my skin is turning against me, it reached the point where I would put it on at night and would have my eyes watering after five minutes because oh dear God did it burn. It's absolutely pointless to me having to have a different eye cream depending on what your skill feels like doing at the time. They're not cheap afterall!

After some hunting around I decided to return to the trusty Benefit. I explaine my skin woes to Vikki while havin my monthly treat (eyebrow waxing for the win) and she pointed me in the direction of 'It's Potent'. I use a lot of Benefit stuff but had never tried this one before and as I've never had any problems with anything else, I thought why not?

It says it''s to reduce dark circles and fine lines... Luckily I don't have any fine lines yet but I do get dark patches under my eyes which I'm constantly trying to hide with concealer. Not really handy if I've woken up late and end up with streaks...

I've been using 'It's Potent' for over a month now and the dark circles have started to disappear completely and, better yet, I suffer from puffy eye syndrome and it's totally less noticeable not. Not sure about you but I get really puffy swollen eyes if I cry and after using this cream it's no where near as bad first thing the next morning. It's a hero cream.

Have you started to use eye creams yet? Which is your favourite?


  1. This is brilliant mixed with a little concealer, to soothe on a morning, but also cover those dark circles! :)

    1. I agree, I use their Boi-ing concealer but I have also heard very good things about Erase Paste.


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