What I wore: Yet another wedding

I have reached that where people are getting married all around me. I find it hard to understand because really I'm convinced that I'm still 16 years old without a care in the world and that marriage and 'settling down' is a million miles away... it really isn't.

Every time a new invite slips through the post, I have a moment of hysteria where no matter how many clothes I have in my wardrobe, I never have anything to wear and end up last minute panic buying. We've all been there.

This time though I didn't want to go through another expense when the rational part of my brain fought itself through the panic and mae me remember all the dresses I have! 

I bought this dress as my 'dancing dress' for my cousin's wedding in August for when the bridesmaid's dress would inevitably become too hot or I started tripping over the hem...

I know it's a taboo to wear white to a wedding that isn't your own but as the pattern is so bold it feels more like a blue dress to me. 

Look! It gives me hips! 
As the dress was so pattern heavy I kept all my accessories simple, using my Ted Baker clutch and nude shoes (which have become my wardrobe staples) and a silver necklace which is so tiny you can't even see it.

Nothing to OTT for me this time!

What did you wear to the last wedding you went to?


  1. You're right the blue definitely stands out more you wouldn't even notice it's white! You look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you very much!! I'm glad you agree about the dress, I did have a mild panic at first.

  2. I agree that the blue is so vivid that you don't really notice that it's on a white background. And it looks AWESOME on you! x

  3. Such a pretty dress! Love it!


    1. I know right! I love finding a good bargain. Thank God for New Look!


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