What I Wore: Trying this whole Autumn thing

As you may have noticed, it's getting colder. It's not very nice but I'm still not ready to stop wearing dresses on a daily basis. However there's only so much tights can do to keep you warm and surely everyone wants to be able to still look good while keeping the cold at bay.

I've seen this look a couple of times on Pinterest and YouTube videos but never thought of giving it a go myself until someone at work said I could probably pull it off. Why not give it a try then?

Dress: New Look (can't really see it)
Scarf: H&M
Cardigan: River Island
Belt: New Look
Shoes: Office
Hat: Urban Outfitters

It's the simplest thing in the world and I do love a good scarf so there are lots of different combinations I could go for. This time it was emerald green with vertigo shoes! I love it and will be definitely doing it again, especially since it helps keep me warm in an office that's pretty much the arctic!

Have you tried this look or would you give it a go?

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