What I wore: Halloween!

As you may have seen from my post last week, I spent Saturday making my costume and practising my make up ready for the Musical Bingo Halloween Party! I love Halloween and I love Musical Bingo and when I saw there were also prizes for costumes, I knew I had to go all out!

The look I went for was (as delightful as it sounds) 'dead girl'. I was going to put something a little more intense here as a description but thought better of it!

It was far too hard to make my pathetically thin hair to stand up at all the angles I wanted it to but with copious amounts of fake blood and hair spray, it got worse in a good way as the night went on.

This was also a bargain costume, costing me a grand total of £7.75 but this is mainly because I already owned fake blood and bruise powder!!

What's your Halloween costume this year?

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