Wednesday Wishlist: Time to wrap up!

That's it, summer's gone. The nights days are getting colder, nights are appearing before we even know it and the ground's covered with fallen leaves. That's my favourite part!

It's been a while since I have done one of these but every year, I refuse to admit that summer's gone and still insist on wearing skirts and dresses. I have somehow got it into my head that if I wear tights with a mini skirt, I'll still be warm. It's totally not the case. I'm always freezing.

As it would appear I have learned my lesson after all these years, it's probably about time I updated my winter wardrobe. Obviously I mean start a winter wardrobe...


First on the list is a nice pair of boots. I always seem to buy a cheap pair that never last me more than a year. It's about time I forked out and invested in a nice pair that will last.

I love melissa shoes, I have several pairs and my favourite pair of brogues lasted 5 years before they gave up on life so I really wouldn't mind spending more than £100 for these. The only problem is, I can't choose between the plum or black ones!

Melissa Soldier Boots - £130

I don't know which I prefer!!


I don't have enough jumpers and now I don't live with Charlie anymore, I can't borrow any at the last minute! There have been loads of jumpers I have spotted recently while window shopping and I'm currently in love with the new Lu Lu Guinness range at Uniqlo. I saw Charlie wearing this one the other day but my favourite out of the collection is this.

Lu Lu Guinness for Uniqlo - £19.90

It's also available in black with red lips but I think this colour scheme is more me and I have a lot of outfits it would go wonderfully with. Plus at £19.99 it's totally affordable.

Ted Baker Wispy Meadow jumper - £119

A little further up the price scale is this from Ted Baker. I have the t-shirt version that I ended up getting really cheap in House of Fraser and I wish I could wear it everyday but as it's getting older I wish I had this. The pattern's amazing and I've been admiring it in the shops for a while and it's so soft!

Blazers and Jackets

My office is always cold because people still insist on putting the air on on (IT'S OCTOBER PEOPLE!) so I'm looking for blazers that I can wear to stay warm and still look smart. I bought a blazer several years ago from Topshop and foolishly put it in the washing machine so I'm really need a new one.

There are two so far that I really like, again at different ends of my budget! First is this one from Topshop. It's simple and sleek and, as an additional bonus for me, it comes in tiny people sizes thanks to their wonderful petite section.

Georgina Blazer £49

This one from Ted Baker I probably couldn't afford but I can dream. I love emerald shades but am always convinced I'm too pale for them but this is something I couldn't say no to. Here's hoping it goes into some variety of sale!

Ted Baker Nariana Blazer - £249

Yet another coat...

I have no idea how many coats I have now but I jut cant stop buying them! I'm always cold and seem to buy a new coat every year. It's a bit of a problem. I normally go for the 'little red riding hood' look so it's about time I went for something different.

This one from Joy is a little different and I love the contrast with the pattern and fabrics. Plus it looks so warm and comfy.

Miss Real Contrast Sleeve Coat - £75

What's on your wish list for A/W 2014?


  1. Ooooo, I didn't spot that white and pink jumper when I bought my Uniqlo jumper. It's pretty!

    1. I love it, I think I might need to buy it on pay day...


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