The Musical Bingo Halloween Ball!

If you've never been to Musical Bingo, you really need to sort your life out. It's guaranteed to best night out you will ever have and their Halloween Ball is the best of them all. We all love it so much that a bunch of us are or are becoming regular faces at Musical Bingo events!

A lot of people seem confused by the concept whenever I say I'm going but it does exactly what it says on the tin. You play Bingo... just with music tracks instead of numbers. Simples. There are always prizes that can range from 'WTF' to 'Oh dear god, I definitely have space in my kitchen for ANOTHER slow cooker'. One of the best parts was that for their Halloween Ball, there were prizes for costumes too! I think we all made a pretty good effort after a mass rush to get ready in my office after work!

'Zombie' apparently, that is uncooked pastry, blood and face-paint all over his face!
There are always three rounds during the night and you feel a strange thrill when you see you're only one track away from a full house followed by crushing disappointment when someone else beats you to the DJ waving their Bingo card ecstatically. This time around I wasn't lucky enough to win anything (last time I got the mystery box!) but we had plenty of winners in our group!

My friend Charlie won a very exciting trophy for 'most horrific' outfit, my boyfriend won 'best face-paint' and my friend Ben did us all proud and won us a bar tab for the best 'twerk-off' I have ever seen. That's right, 'twerk-off'.

Obviously, many drunken shenanigans were had and we all had a fantastic time, but that's to be expected at Musical Bingo! Here's just a snap shot (courtesy of my boyfriend's mobile phone!) of all the fun that was had but you should check out their Facebook Page to see what you were missing out on!

Just before that 'twerk-off'!

Being sung 'Happy Birthday'! Great day for a birthday!

I don't even know...

If this looks like your sort if thing, head on over to their website to see what else the guys have coming up!

Have you ever been to Musical Bingo?

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