Off to the Theatre: Seeing Les Mis at Last!

I have been wanting to see Les Mis for so long but because of various reasons (including falling out with my music teacher at school) I haven't been able to go. Until last week the closest I've been to appreciating its joy is the soundtrack, playing the music in orchestras and, of course, the movie.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. I'm not one to do anniversaries or anything, I'm pretty laid back about the whole thing, but he really does so on Wednesday morning I got woken up and told that I had a ticket to see it that evening. It was all very exciting.

We started off our celebrations at Wahaca. It's not the fanciest place in the world but I love all the food and their passionfruit margarita is to die for!

Excited face #1

All day I couldn't stop thinking or talking about it and when we arrived my excitment exploded ten fold. As I'm sure you understand.

It turns out Gary hadn't just got me tickets to see Les Mis, he'd got me tickets in the second row! We treated ourself to the typically expensive beers and took our seats, just waiting for that curtain to rise.

Excited face #2

Isn't this theatre absolutely beautiful?

When the curtain opened I could barely contain my excitement, I know all the words (obviously) and what quietly singing along, hopefully I didn't bother the person sitting next to me too much! The cast was absolutely incredible. Javert is my favourite character because he is such a badass and 'Stars' is possibly by favourite song in the whole thing. Michael Gant who was Javert that night played the role spectacularly.

As some of you may guess if you've only seen the film, Les Mis is emotionally draining. I can't remember what point I started crying but after 'A Little Fall of Rain' I lost all ability to be emotionally stable and had my face buried into Gary's shoulder for a while sobbing like someone with an actual broken heart. I was even listening to it in the shower this morning and had a mini breakdown!

I cried so much, just look at the state of my face... yuck

I was so exhausted after all the crying I ended up having a little nap on the tube home. A little bit tragic.

Once home, Gary was lovely (as always) and decided the best way to make me feel better was with a cup of Assam tea in my new 'One Day More' mug that's about the size of my face and I couldn't have been happier.

Thank you Gary.

What's your favourite West End show?


  1. That's so sweet what he did for you! Your so lucky!


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