Nailing it: Halloween nails #3 - Sugar Skulls

Yes, yes. I know this is more of a dia de los muertos (day of the dead) thing but I absolutely love sugar skulls. So much so I even had a tattoo of one last year! I also wanted to try something a little more challenging. I've been putting this off for a while as I have next to no artistic talent but pictures on Pinterest have been taunting me for ages!

For this, you need a variety of bright colours, white, a thin dotting tool, a large dotting tool and a square brush. Also, be prepared to make a mess. Luckily I had a wonderful assistant (my boyfriend) to clean all my tools!

1. Your base

Wherever you're going to have your sugar skull you'll need white nail as it's a lot easier than drawing a skull free hand. I chose to do just an accent nail as it was my first try and painted the rest black.

2. The skull

 I saw this tip on Pinterest and it actually makes a lot of sense. Take your square brush and use it a slight angle and paint down both sides of your nails flat ways (technical term) to create the illusion of cheek bones.

And the mess has started!

Use your larger dotting tool for the eyes and the brush again, using the tip to criss cross and make the mouth. You can also use a smaller dotting tool in white to create teeth here but mine ended up too small to do this this time.

3. The eyes

Sugar skulls are known for having really elaborate eyes. To get this look, use your small dotting tool and create a flower pattern around your black dots. I made a bit of a mess here so had to re-apply the black afterwards.

4. The decoration

As you can see from the picture above I had already kind of started this part. Use one of your colours (I used a pink Barry M Nail Art pen) and dot along the cheek bones and one more on the 'chin'.

Next, use your small dotting tool to dot around the top corners of the skull, this can be completely random. I also used a tiny, tiny dotting tool to create a love heart bang in the centre. Mainly because my tattoo has a rose here!

And you're done!! Because I ran out of decent black nail polish I topped it off with glitter to hide the cheap 'plastic' look. Must go to the shop soon and restock!

Bit wonky but not bad for a first try!

Have you tried Sugar Skull nail art before?

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