Nailing it: Halloween nails #2 - dripping blood

Something a little gorier this time! I have tried something similar before but this time it's in reverse and looks so cool.

Unlike previous tutorials I have done, this requires hardly any tools. All you need is a base coat and red polish plus a dotting tool and a brush. If you don't have either of these, you can do the blood detailing with a toothpick.

1. Base coat

As there's going to be hardly any colour here, you need to make sure you have a nice base to paint on and also a nice finish to your nails so do not skimp on the base coat. I used two coats of the Barry M Top and Base coat for an extra shiny look.

2. Start with the tips

One of the joys of this design is that it doesn't have to be tidy. This is idea for me because I used to bite my nails as a child and now they're far from straight!

Either use your art brush or the bottle lid-brush-thing to paint around your nails, similarly to a french tip. I used the brush because I found the tip easier to apply as my nails are tiny.

3. Drip, drip, drop

Use your dotting tool and red polish to create the 'droplet of blood'. I used the biggest one I had and made three dots on each nail but it's entirely up to you how far you want to go with this.

4. The last touch

Finally, use your brush/tooth pick to join the 'droplets' to the tip of your nails. This doesn't have to be neat either, the wobblier the better. 

And you're all done! Other than that pesky top coat that everyone seems to forget about...

Have you tried any Halloween nail art yet?


  1. Wow, these look amazing! So creative and perfect for Halloween! I love creating nail art on my nails. x

    1. Thank you! It's really easy to do so you should give it a go. Have you tried any Halloweeny things yet?



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